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  • هم‌چنانک چشم می‌بیند به خواب ** بی‌مه و خورشید ماه و آفتاب
  • Just as the eye, without moon and sun, sees moon and sun in dream.
  • نوم ما چون شد اخ الموت ای فلان ** زین برادر آن برادر را بدان
  • Since our sleep is the brother of death, O such and such, know (the difference of) that brother from this brother.
  • ور بگویندت که هست آن فرع این ** مشنو آن را ای مقلد بی‌یقین
  • And if they tell thee that that is the branch (derivative) of this, do not hear (believe) it, O follower of authority, without (having) certain knowledge.
  • می‌بیند خواب جانت وصف حال ** که به بیداری نبینی بیست سال
  • During sleep thy spirit is beholding the representation of a state (of things) which thou wilt not behold, whilst thou art awake, in twenty years,
  • در پی تعبیر آن تو عمرها ** می‌دوی سوی شهان با دها 3065
  • And thou art running, for (whole) lifetimes, to the sagacious (spiritual) kings in quest of the interpretation thereof,
  • که بگو آن خواب را تعبیر چیست ** فرع گفتن این چنین سر را سگیست
  • Saying, “Tell (me), what is the interpretation of that dream?” To call such a mystery a “branch” is currishness.
  • خواب عامست این و خود خواب خواص ** باشد اصل اجتبا و اختصاص
  • This is the sleep of the vulgar; but truly the sleep of the elect is the root of (their) privilege and election.
  • پیل باید تا چو خسپد او ستان ** خواب بیند خطه‌ی هندوستان
  • There must needs be the elephant, in order that, when he sleeps supinely, he may dream of the land of Hindustán.
  • خر نبیند هیچ هندستان به خواب ** خر ز هندستان نکردست اغتراب
  • The ass does not dream of Hindustán at all: the ass has never journeyed from Hindustán to a foreign country.
  • جان هم‌چون پیل باید نیک زفت ** تا به خواب او هند داند رفت تفت 3070
  • There is need of the elephant-like and very robust spirit, that in sleep it may be able to go speedily to Hindustán.