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  • یک عروسی کرد شاه او را چنان ** که جلاب قند بد پیش سگان
  • The king made such a (lavish) wedding-feast for him that sugared julep was (placed) before the dogs.
  • جادوی کمپیر از غصه بمرد ** روی و خوی زشت فا مالک سپرد
  • The old witch died of vexation and gave up her hideous face and (foul) nature to Málik.
  • شاه‌زاده در تعجب مانده بود ** کز من او عقل و نظر چون در ربود 3180
  • The prince was left in amazement: (he said to himself), “How did she rob me of understanding and insight?”
  • نو عروسی دید هم‌چون ماه حسن ** که همی زد بر ملیحان راه حسن
  • He beheld a newly wedded bride like the beauteous moon, who was (as a brigand) infesting the road of beauty (and occupying it) against (all) the (other) fair ones.
  • گشت بیهوش و برو اندر فتاد ** تا سه روز از جسم وی گم شد فاد
  • He became senseless and fell on his face: for three days the heart (consciousness) vanished from his body.
  • سه شبان روز او ز خود بیهوش گشت ** تا که خلق از غشی او پر جوش گشت
  • Three days and nights he became unconscious of himself, so that the people were (sorely) perturbed by his swoon.
  • از گلاب و از علاج آمد به خود ** اندک اندک فهم گشتش نیک و بد
  • By means of rose-water and (other) remedies he came to himself (again): little by little, good and evil were apprehended by him (once more).
  • بعد سالی گفت شاهش در سخن ** کای پسر یاد آر از آن یار کهن 3185
  • After a year the king said to him jokingly in conversation, “O son, bethink thee of that old friend (of thine),
  • یاد آور زان ضجیع و زان فراش ** تا بدین حد بی‌وفا و مر مباش
  • Bethink thee of that bedfellow and that bed: do not be so faithless and harsh!”
  • گفت رو من یافتم دار السرور ** وا رهیدم از چه دار الغرور
  • “Go to!” said he; “I have found the abode of joy, I am delivered from the pit of the abode of delusion.”