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  • پس دو چشم روشن ای صاحب‌نظر ** مر ترا صد مادرست و صد پدر
  • Therefore to you, O man of vision, two clear eyes are (as) a hundred mothers and a hundred fathers;
  • خاصه چشم دل آن هفتاد توست ** وین دو چشم حس خوشه‌چین اوست
  • Especially the eye of the heart (the spiritual eye), which is seventy-fold and of which these two sensible eyes are (only) the gleaners.
  • ای دریغا ره‌زنان بنشسته‌اند ** صد گره زیر زبانم بسته‌اند
  • Oh, alas, the highwaymen are seated (and lying in wait for me): they have tied a hundred knots beneath my tongue.
  • پای‌بسته چون رود خوش راهوار ** بس گران بندیست این معذور دار 340
  • How should the smooth-paced horse move well, when his leg is tied? This is a very heavy chain: hold me excused!
  • این سخن اشکسته می‌آید دلا ** کین سخن درست غیرت آسیا
  • These words (of mine) are coming (forth) brokenly, O heart; for these words are pearls, and (the Divine) jealousy is the mill (which breaks them);
  • در اگر چه خرد و اشکسته شود ** توتیای دیده‌ی خسته شود
  • (But), though the pearls be broken into small fragments, they become tutty (collyrium) for the sore eye (of the spirit).
  • ای در از اشکست خود بر سر مزن ** کز شکستن روشنی خواهی شدن
  • O pearl, do not beat thy head (in grief) at thy being broken, for through being broken thou wilt become (radiant) light.
  • همچنین اشکسته بسته گفتنیست ** حق کند آخر درستش کو غنیست
  • It (the word) has to be uttered thus brokenly and in bandages: God, who is Self-sufficient, will make it whole at last.
  • گندم ار بشکست و از هم در سکست ** بر دکان آمد که نک نان درست 345
  • If wheat is broken and torn asunder (in the mill), it appears in the (baker’s) shop, saying, “Look! a perfect loaf!”
  • تو هم ای عاشق چو جرمت گشت فاش ** آب و روغن ترک کن اشکسته باش
  • “Thou too, O lover, since thy crime has become manifest, abandon water and oil (specious varnish) and be broken (contrite).