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  • متقی آنست کو بیزار شد ** از ره فرعون و موسی‌وار شد
  • The God-fearing man is he that has become quit of (has renounced) the way of Pharaoh and has become like unto Moses.
  • قوم موسی شو بخور این آب را ** صلح کن با مه ببین مهتاب را
  • Become (as) the people of Moses and drink this water; make peace with the Moon and behold the moonbeams.
  • صدهزاران ظلمتست از خشم تو ** بر عبادالله اندر چشم تو
  • There are a hundred thousand darknesses in thine eye (which arise) from thy wrath against the servants of God.
  • خشم بنشان چشم بگشا شاد شو ** عبرت از یاران بگیر استاد شو
  • Extinguish wrath, open the (spiritual) eye, rejoice, take a lesson from (true) friends, become a teacher (of the Truth).
  • کی طفیل من شوی در اغتراف ** چون ترا کفریست هم‌چون کوه قاف 3450
  • How wilt thou become my parasite (follower) in scooping up (the water) when thou hast an unbelief (as great) as Mount Qáf?
  • کوه در سوراخ سوزن کی رود ** جز مگر که آن رشته‌ی یکتا شود
  • How should a mountain go into the cavity (eye) of a needle, unless indeed it become a single thread?
  • کوه را که کن به استغفار و خوش ** جام مغفوران بگیر و خوش بکش
  • By asking forgiveness (of God) make the mountain (like) a straw, and (then) take joyously the cup of the forgiven and drain (it) joyously!
  • تو بدین تزویر چون نوشی از آن ** چون حرامش کرد حق بر کافران
  • Inasmuch as God hath made it unlawful to the unbelievers, how wilt thou drink of it (whilst thou art endued) with this imposture?
  • خالق تزویر تزویر ترا ** کی خرد ای مفتری مفترا
  • How should the Creator of imposture buy (accept) thy imposture, O fabricator of fiction?
  • آل موسی شو که حیلت سود نیست ** حیله‌ات باد تهی پیمودنیست 3455
  • Become (like) the kinsfolk of Moses, for deceit is useless: thy deceit is (like) measuring the empty wind.