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  • پس همی منگید با خود زیر لب ** در جواب فکرتم آن بوالعجب
  • Therefore that wondrous man was muttering to himself under his breath in answer to my (unspoken) thought,
  • که چنین اندیشی از بهر ملوک ** کیف تلقی الرزق ان لم یرزقوک
  • ‘Thou thinkest so concerning the (spiritual) kings: how shouldst thou meet (receive) the daily provision unless they provide thee (with it)?’
  • من نمی‌کردم سخن را فهم لیک ** بر دلم می‌زد عتابش نیک نیک
  • I was not understanding his words, but his rebuke smote my heart mightily.
  • سوی من آمد به هیبت هم‌چو شیر ** تنگ هیزم را ز خود بنهاد زیر 700
  • He approached me with awful mien, like a lion, and laid down his bundle of firewood.
  • پرتو حالی که او هیزم نهاد ** لرزه بر هر هفت عضو من فتاد
  • (Through) the influence of the ecstatic state in which he laid down the firewood, a trembling fell upon all my seven limbs.
  • گفت یا رب گر ترا خاصان هی‌اند ** که مبارک‌دعوت و فرخ‌پی‌اند
  • He said, ‘O Lord, if Thou hast elect ones whose prayers are blessed and whose feet (comings and goings) are auspicious,
  • لطف تو خواهم که میناگر شود ** این زمان این تنگ هیزم زر شود
  • I entreat that Thy grace may become an alchemist (may work a transmutation) and that this bundle of firewood may be turned into gold at this moment.’
  • در زمان دیدم که زر شد هیزمش ** هم‌چو آتش بر زمین می‌تافت خوش
  • Immediately I saw that his firewood was turned into gold, gleaming brightly on the ground, like fire.
  • من در آن بی‌خود شدم تا دیرگه ** چونک با خویش آمدم من از وله 705
  • Thereat I became beside myself for a long while. When I came to myself (again) out of (that) bewilderment,
  • بعد از آن گفت ای خداگر آن کبار ** بس غیورند و گریزان ز اشتهار
  • He said afterwards, ‘O God, if those great ones (the saints) are very jealous and are fleeing from celebrity,