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  • خیز بلقیسا چو ادهم شاه‌وار ** دود ازین ملک دو سه روزه بر آر
  • O Bilqís arise royally, like (Ibráhím son of) Adham: raise the smoke from (consume utterly) this kingdom of two or three days’ duration.
  • باقی قصه‌ی ابراهیم ادهم قدس‌الله سره
  • The remainder of the story of Ibráhím son of Adham, may God sanctify his spirit.
  • بر سر تختی شنید آن نیک‌نام ** طقطقی و های و هویی شب ز بام
  • (Reclining) on a throne, that man of good name heard at night a noise of tramping and shrill cries from the roof.
  • گامهای تند بر بام سرا ** گفت با خود این چنین زهره کرا 830
  • (He heard) loud footsteps on the roof of the palace, and said to himself, “Who dares to do this?”
  • بانگ زد بر روزن قصر او که کیست ** این نباشد آدمی مانا پریست
  • He shouted, at the palace-window, “Who is it? This is not a man, belike it is a genie.
  • سر فرو کردند قومی بوالعجب ** ما همی گردیم شب بهر طلب
  • A wondrous folk put their heads down (from the roof), (saying), “We are going round by night for the purpose of search.”
  • هین چه می‌جویید گفتند اشتران ** گفت اشتر بام بر کی جست هان
  • “Eh, what are ye seeking?” “Camels,” they replied. He said, “Take heed! who ever sought camel on a roof?”
  • پس بگفتندش که تو بر تخت جاه ** چون همی جویی ملاقات اله
  • Then they said to him, “How art thou seeking to meet with God on the throne of state?”
  • خود همان بد دیگر او را کس ندید ** چون پری از آدمی شد ناپدید 835
  • That was all. None saw him again: he vanished like a genie from (the sight of) man.
  • معنی‌اش پنهان و او در پیش خلق ** خلق کی بینند غیر ریش و دلق
  • His reality (real self) was hidden, though he was in people’s presence: how should the people see aught but beard and frock (of the dervish)?
  • چون ز چشم خویش و خلقان دور شد ** هم‌چو عنقا در جهان مشهور شد
  • When he became far (disappeared) from his own and the people’s eyes, he became renowned in the world, like the ‘Anqá.