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  • کز حجاب و پرده بیرون نامده  ** چشم بسته بیهده گویان شده 
  • Who, without having come forth from the veil and curtain, (being) blindfold have begun to speak in vain.”
  • بانگ سگ اندر شکم باشد زیان  ** نه شکارانگیز و نه شب پاسبان  1455
  • The yelp of the dog in the womb is (useless) loss: (in such a case) he is neither a starter of hunted animals nor a keeper of watch by night.
  • گرگ نادیده که منع او بود  ** دزد نادیده که دفع او شود 
  • He has not seen the wolf, so as to prevent him; he has not seen the robber, so as to repel him.
  • از حریصی وز هوای سروری  ** در نظر کند و بلافیدن جری 
  • He (a man of this sort), because of covetousness and desire for eminence, is dull as regards (spiritual) vision and bold in prating.
  • از هوای مشتری و گرم‌دار  ** بی بصیرت پا نهاده در فشار 
  • From desire for the purchaser and warm admirer, (being) devoid of insight, he begins to talk nonsense.
  • ماه نادیده نشانها می‌دهد  ** روستایی را بدان کژ می‌نهد 
  • Without having seen the Moon, he gives indications: thereby he perverts (misleads) the (ignorant) countryman.
  • از برای مشتری در وصف ماه  ** صد نشان نادیده گوید بهر جاه  1460
  • On account of the purchaser he gives a hundred indications describing the Moon which he has never seen, for the sake of (gaining) power.
  • مشتری کو سود دارد خود یکیست  ** لیک ایشان را درو ریب و شکیست 
  • There is in truth one Purchaser who is profitable, but concerning Him they (these impostors) have a (great) suspicion and doubt.
  • از هوای مشتری بی‌شکوه  ** مشتری را باد دادند این گروه 
  • In their desire for the inglorious purchaser, these people have thrown the (real) Purchaser to the winds.
  • مشتری ماست الله اشتری  ** از غم هر مشتری هین برتر آ 
  • He is our Purchaser—God hath purchased: hark, rise above anxiety for any (other) purchaser.