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  • آسمان نسبت به عرش آمد فرود  ** ورنه بس عالیست سوی خاک‌تود 
  • The sky is low in relation to the empyrean; else, in respect of the earth-mound, it is exceedingly high.
  • من بگویم وصف تو تا ره برند  ** پیش از آن کز فوت آن حسرت خورند 
  • I will tell thy description in order that they (my hearers) may take their way (towards thee) ere they grieve at the loss of that (opportunity).
  • نور حقی و به حق جذاب جان  ** خلق در ظلمات وهم‌اند و گمان 
  • Thou art the Light of God and a mighty drawer of the soul to God. His creatures are in the darkness of vain imagination and opinion.
  • شرط تعظیمست تا این نور خوش  ** گردد این بی‌دیدگان را سرمه‌کش 
  • Reverence is the necessary condition for this goodly Light to bestow a salve on these sightless ones.
  • نور یابد مستعد تیزگوش  ** کو نباشد عاشق ظلمت چو موش  25
  • The ready sharp-eared man gains the Light—he who is not in love with darkness like a mouse.
  • سست‌چشمانی که شب جولان کنند  ** کی طواف مشعله‌ی ایمان کنند 
  • The weak-eyed (bat-like) ones that go about at night, how shall they make a circuit round the Cresset of the Faith?
  • نکته‌های مشکل باریک شد  ** بند طبعی که ز دین تاریک شد 
  • Difficult subtle points of disputation are the chains of (hold in bondage) the nature that has become dark (blind) to the (true) Religion.
  • تا بر آراید هنر را تار و پود  ** چشم در خورشید نتواند گشود 
  • So long as he (such an one) decks out the warp and woof of (his own) cleverness, he cannot open his eyes to the Sun.
  • هم‌چو نخلی برنیارد شاخها  ** کرده موشانه زمین سوراخها 
  • He does not lift up branches (to the sky) like a date-palm: he has bored holes in the earth after the fashion of mice.
  • چار وصفست این بشر را دل‌فشار  ** چارمیخ عقل گشته این چهار  30
  • This humankind have four heart-oppressing qualities: these four have become the gibbet of Reason.
  • تفسیر خذ اربعة من الطیر فصرهن الیک 
  • Commenting on “Take four birds and turn them towards thee.”