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  • زیر پاشان روفته آبی زده  ** که به وقت وجو به هنگام آمده  2370
  • (He saw the ground) swept (clean) under their feet and sprinkled with water; the straw coming at the (proper) time, and the barley at the hour (when it was expected).
  • خارش و مالش مر اسپان را بدید  ** پوز بالا کرد کای رب مجید 
  • He saw the horses curry-combed and rubbed down. (Then) he lifted up his muzzle, crying, “O glorious Lord,
  • نه که مخلوق توم گیرم خرم  ** از چه زار و پشت ریش و لاغرم 
  • Am not I Thy creature? I grant that I am an ass, (but) wherefore am I wretched, with sores on my back, and lean?
  • شب ز درد پشت و از جوع شکم  ** آرزومندم به مردن دم به دم 
  • At night, because of the pain in my back and the (pangs of) hunger in my belly, I am always wishing to die.
  • حال این اسپان چنین خوش با نوا  ** من چه مخصوصم به تعذیب و بلا 
  • These horses are so happy and prosperous: why am I singled out for torment and tribulation?”
  • ناگهان آوازه‌ی پیگار شد  ** تازیان را وقت زین و کار شد  2375
  • Suddenly came the rumour of war: ’twas the time for the Arab horses to be saddled and brought into action.
  • زخمهای تیر خوردند از عدو  ** رفت پیکانها دریشان سو به سو 
  • They were wounded with arrows by the foe: the barbs entered them on every side.
  • از غزا باز آمدند آن تازیان  ** اندر آخر جمله افتاده ستان 
  • (When) those Arab horses returned from the campaign, they all fell down and lay on their backs in the stable.
  • پایهاشان بسته محکم با نوار  ** نعلبندان ایستاده بر قطار 
  • Their legs were tightly bandaged with (strips of) canvas: the farriers were standing in file,
  • می‌شکافیدند تن‌هاشان بنیش  ** تا برون آرند پیکانها ز ریش 
  • Piercing their bodies with the scalpel in order to extract the barbs from their wounds.