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  • این سخن پایان ندارد کن رجوع  ** سوی آن روباه و شیر و سقم و جوع 
  • This discourse hath no end: return to the fox and the lion and the (lion's) sickness and hunger.
  • بردن روبه خر را پیش شیر و جستن خر از شیر و عتاب کردن روباه با شیر کی هنوز خر دور بود تعجیل کردی و عذر گفتن شیر و لابه کردن روبه را شیر کی برو بار دگرش به فریب 
  • How the fox brought the ass to the lion, and how the ass jumped away from the lion, and how the fox reproached the lion, saying, “The ass was still far off: you were too hasty”; and how the lion made excuses and entreated the fox to go and trick him a second time.
  • چونک بر کوهش بسوی مرج برد  ** تا کند شیرش به حمله خرد و مرد 
  • When he (the fox) brought him (the ass) up the hill towards the meadow, in order that the lion might pulverise him with a (sudden) charge,
  • دور بود از شیر و آن شیر از نبرد  ** تا به نزدیک آمدن صبری نکرد  2565
  • He (the ass) was (still) far from the lion, but the lion would not wait for him to come near before attacking.
  • گنبدی کرد از بلندی شیر هول  ** خود نبودش قوت و امکان حول 
  • The terrible lion made a spring from an eminence, (though) indeed he had not the strength and power to move (effectively).
  • خر ز دورش دید و برگشت و گریز  ** تا به زیر کوه تازان نعل ریز 
  • The ass saw him from afar and turned and fled to the bottom of the hill, dropping his shoes as he ran.
  • گفت روبه شیر را ای شاه ما  ** چون نکردی صبر در وقت وغا 
  • “O king of us (all),” said the fox to the lion, “why didst not thou restrain thyself in the hour of battle,
  • تا به نزدیک تو آید آن غوی  ** تا باندک حمله‌ای غالب شوی 
  • In order that that misguided (creature) might come near thee and that thou might’st vanquish him with a small attack?
  • مکر شیطانست تعجیل و شتاب  ** لطف رحمانست صبر و احتساب  2570
  • Precipitation and haste is the Devil's wile; patience and calculation is God's grace.
  • دور بود و حمله را دید و گریخت  ** ضعف تو ظاهر شد و آب تو ریخت 
  • He (the ass) was far off and saw the attack and fled: thy weakness is made manifest and thy prestige is destroyed.”
  • گفت من پنداشتم بر جاست زور  ** تا بدین حد می‌ندانستم فتور 
  • He (the lion) replied, “I thought my strength was restored: I did not know my feebleness was so great.