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  • تا تو بستیزی ستیزند ای حرون  ** فانتظرهم انهم منتظرون  260
  • O recalcitrant one, so long as thou contendest (with the holy saints) they will contend (with thee). Lie in wait for them, then! Verily, they are lying in wait (for thee).
  • عرضه کردن مصطفی علیه‌السلام شهادت را بر مهمان خویش 
  • How Mustafá, on whom be peace, offered the Testimony (profession of the Faith) to his guest.
  • این سخن پایان ندارد مصطفی  ** عرضه کرد ایمان و پذرفت آن فتی 
  • This discourse hath no end. Mustafá offered the Faith, and the youth accepted
  • آن شهادت را که فرخ بوده است  ** بندهای بسته را بگشوده است 
  • That Testimony which hath ever been blessed and hath ever loosed the fastbound chains.
  • گشت مؤمن گفت او را مصطفی  ** که امشبان هم باش تو مهمان ما 
  • He became a true believer. Mustafá said to him, “Be my guest to-night also.”
  • گفت والله تا ابد ضیف توم  ** هر کجا باشم بهر جا که روم 
  • “By God,” said he, “I am thy guest unto everlasting. Wheresoever I be, to whatsoever place I go,
  • زنده کرده و معتق و دربان تو  ** این جهان و آن جهان بر خوان تو  265
  • I am made living by thee and liberated by thee, and am thy doorkeeper (eating) at thy table in this world and in the next.
  • هر که بگزیند جزین بگزیده خوان  ** عاقبت درد گلویش ز استخوان 
  • Whosoever chooses any but this choice table, in the end his gullet will be torn by the bone (of perdition).
  • هر که سوی خوان غیر تو رود  ** دیو با او دان که هم‌کاسه بود 
  • Whosoever goes to the table of any but thee, know that the Devil shares his cup.
  • هر که از همسایگی تو رود  ** دیو بی‌شکی که همسایه‌ش شود 
  • Whosoever departs from thy neighbourhood, without any doubt the Devil will become his neighbour;
  • ور رود بی‌تو سفر او دوردست  ** دیو بد همراه و هم‌سفره‌ی ویست 
  • And if without thee he go on a far journey, the wicked Devil is his fellow-traveller and table-companion;