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  • ورنه من از تو به تن مسکین‌ترم  ** که شب و روز اندر آنجا می‌چرم 
  • Else I am more puny in body than you, and I always feed there by night and day.
  • گرنه زان گونه طلسمی ساختی  ** هر شکم‌خواری بدانجا تاختی 
  • If he (the magician) had not wrought a spell of that kind, every famishing (animal) would have run thither.
  • یک جهان بی‌نوا پر پیل و ارج  ** بی‌طلسمی کی بماندی سبز مرج  2615
  • (In) a foodless world full of elephants and rhinoceroses how should the meadow have remained verdant without (the protection of) a spell?
  • من ترا خود خواستم گفتن به درس  ** که چنان هولی اگر بینی مترس 
  • Truly, I meant to tell you, by way of instruction, not to be afraid if you should see a terrible thing like that;
  • لیک رفت از یاد علم آموزیت  ** که بدم مستغرق دلسوزیت 
  • But I forgot to impart (this) knowledge to you, because I was overwhelmed with grief and pity on your account.
  • دیدمت در جوع کلب و بی‌نوا  ** می‌شتابیدم که آیی تا دوا 
  • I saw you were ravenously hungry and without food, (therefore) I was making haste so that you might attain to the remedy;
  • ورنه با تو گفتمی شرح طلسم  ** که آن خیالی می‌نماید نیست جسم 
  • Otherwise I would have explained the spell to you: it (the lion) presents itself as an apparition, it is not a (real) body.”
  • جواب گفتن خر روباه را 
  • The reply of the ass to the fox.
  • گفت رو رو هین ز پیشم ای عدو  ** تا نبینم روی تو ای زشت‌رو  2620
  • “Hark,” cried the ass, “begone, begone from my presence, O enemy, that I may not see your face, O ugly one!
  • آن خدایی که ترا بدبخت کرد  ** روی زشتت را کریه و سخت کرد 
  • That God who made you ill-fated hath made your ugly face detestable and impudent.
  • با کدامین روی می‌آیی به من  ** این چنین سغری ندارد کرگدن 
  • With what face do you come to me? The rhinoceros has not such a hard skin (as you have).