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  • هشت جنت گر در آرم در نظر  ** ور کنم خدمت من از خوف سقر 
  • If I should bring into view the Eight Paradises, or if I should serve Thee from fear of Hell,
  • ممنی باشم سلامت‌جوی من  ** زانک این هر دو بود حظ بدن  2715
  • (Then) I am (only) a believer seeking salvation, for both these (motives) are concerned with the body.”
  • عاشقی کز عشق یزدان خورد قوت  ** صد بدن پیشش نیرزد تره‌توت 
  • A hundred bodies are not worth a bean in the eyes of the lover who has received nutriment from God's love;
  • وین بدن که دارد آن شیخ فطن  ** چیز دگر گشت کم خوانش بدن 
  • And this body which the Shaykh of insight possesses has become something different: do not call it a body.
  • عاشق عشق خدا وانگاه مزد  ** جبرئیل متمن وانگاه دزد 
  • (To be) in love with God's love and then (desire) a wage! (To be) a trusted Gabriel and then a thief!
  • عاشق آن لیلی کور و کبود  ** ملک عالم پیش او یک تره بود 
  • In the eyes of that wretched lover of Laylá the kingdom of the world was (worthless as) a vegetable.
  • پیش او یکسان شده بد خاک و زر  ** زر چه باشد که نبد جان را خطر  2720
  • Earth and gold were alike in his eyes. What of gold? (Even) his life had no value (for him).
  • شیر و گرگ و دد ازو واقف شده  ** هم‌چو خویشان گرد او گرد آمده 
  • Lions and wolves and wild beasts were acquainted with him and gathered round him like kinsfolk,
  • کین شدست از خوی حیوان پاک پاک  ** پر ز عشق و لحم و شحمش زهرناک 
  • (Knowing) that this man had become entirely purged of animality and filled with love, and that his flesh and fat were poisonous (to them).
  • زهر دد باشد شکرریز خرد  ** زانک نیک نیک باشد ضد بد 
  • The sweets scattered by Reason are poison to the wild beast, because the good of (that which is) good is antagonistic to (that which is) evil.