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  • غصه را با خار تشبیهی کنند  ** آن نباشد لیک تنبیهی کنند 
  • They liken anguish to thorns; it is not that (in reality), but they do so as a means of arousing (thy) attention.
  • آن دل قاسی که سنگش خواندند  ** نامناسب بد مثالی راندند 
  • When they called a hard heart “stony,” that was (really) inappropriate, (but) they made it serve as a similitude.
  • در تصور در نیاید عین آن  ** عیب بر تصویر نه نفیش مدان 
  • The archetype of that (object of comparison) is inconceivable: put the blame on thy conceptual faculty, and do not regard it (the archetype) as negated (nonexistent).
  • رفتن این شیخ در خانه‌ی امیری بهر کدیه روزی چهار بار به زنبیل به اشارت غیب و عتاب کردن امیر او را بدان وقاحت و عذر گفتن او امیر را 
  • How the Shaykh, in obedience to the intimation from the Unseen, went with his basket four times in one day to the house of a certain Amír for the purpose of begging; and how the Amír rebuked him for his impudence, and how he excused himself to the Amír.
  • شیخ روزی چار کرت چون فقیر  ** بهر کدیه رفت در قصر امیر 
  • One day the Shaykh went four times to the palace of an Amír, in order to beg like a dervish,
  • در کفش زنبیل و شی لله زنان  ** خالق جان می‌بجوید تای نان  2750
  • (With) a basket in his hand, crying, “Something for God's sake! The Creator of the soul is seeking a piece of bread.”
  • نعلهای بازگونه‌ست ای پسر  ** عقل کلی را کند هم خیره‌سر 
  • ’Tis preposterous, O son: it makes even Universal Reason giddy-headed (astounded).
  • چون امیرش دید گفتش ای وقیح  ** گویمت چیزی منه نامم شحیح 
  • When the Amír saw him, he said to him, “O impudent man, I will tell you something, (but) do not fasten on me the name of niggard.
  • این چه سغری و چه رویست و چه کار  ** که به روزی اندر آیی چار بار 
  • What callousness and effrontery and (insolent) behaviour is this, that you come in (here) four times in one day?
  • کیست اینجا شیخ اندر بند تو  ** من ندیدم نر گدا مانند تو 
  • Who here is attached to you, Shaykh? Never have I seen a sturdy beggar like you.
  • حرمت و آب گدایان برده‌ای  ** این چه عباسی زشت آورده‌ای  2755
  • You have brought (all) beggars into contempt and disgrace: what abominable importunity, worthy of ‘Abbás (himself), is this that you have shown!