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  • آنک او کف دید در گردش بود  ** وانک دریا دید او بی‌غش بود 
  • He that regards the foam is in (continual) movement, while he that regards the Sea is devoid of hypocrisy.
  • دعوت کردن مسلمان مغ را 
  • How a Moslem called a Magian (to accept Islam).
  • مر مغی را گفت مردی کای فلان  ** هین مسلمان شو بباش از ممنان 
  • A certain man said to a Magian, “O such-and-such, hark, become a Moslem, be one of the true believers!”
  • گفت اگر خواهد خدا ممن شوم  ** ور فزاید فضل هم موقن شوم 
  • He replied, “If God will, I shall become a true believer; and if He increase His grace, I shall become possessed of intuitive faith.”
  • گفت می‌خواهد خدا ایمان تو  ** تا رهد از دست دوزخ جان تو 
  • He (the Moslem) said, “God wills thy true belief, in order that thy spirit may be delivered from the hand (power) of Hell;
  • لیک نفس نحس و آن شیطان زشت  ** می‌کشندت سوی کفران و کنشت  2915
  • But thy ill-omened carnal soul and the wicked Devil are dragging thee towards infidelity and the fire-temple.”
  • گفت ای منصف چو ایشان غالب‌اند  ** یار او باشم که باشد زورمند 
  • He replied, “O reasonable man, since they are predominant I shall (necessarily) be on the side of the stronger.
  • یار آن تانم بدن کو غالبست  ** آن طرف افتم که غالب جاذبست 
  • I can side (only) with him who is predominant: I (must) fall in the direction to which the predominant one is pulling (me).
  • چون خدا می‌خواست از من صدق زفت  ** خواست او چه سود چون پیشش نرفت 
  • Since (according to thy assertion) God was desiring of me a firm belief (in Islam), what is the use of His desire when He does not succeed (in attaining His object)?
  • نفس و شیطان خواست خود را پیش برد  ** وآن عنایت قهر گشت و خرد و مرد 
  • The carnal soul and the Devil have carried their will to success, while that act of (Divine) favour has been defeated and pulverised.
  • تو یکی قصر و سرایی ساختی  ** اندرو صد نقش خوش افراختی  2920
  • (’Tis as if) thou hadst built a palace and pavilion and erected therein a hundred beautiful (ornamental) designs,