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  • ترک معشوقی کن و کن عاشقی  ** ای گمان برده که خوب و فایقی 
  • Abandon the state of being loved (by men) and adopt the practice of loving (God), O you who think that you are excellent and pre-eminent.
  • ای که در معنی ز شب خامش‌تری  ** گفت خود را چند جویی مشتری  3190
  • O you who really are more silent than Night, how long will you seek a purchaser for your words?
  • سر بجنبانند پیشت بهر تو  ** رفت در سودای ایشان دهر تو 
  • They (your hearers) nod their heads in your presence for (the purpose of assenting to) you: your time is wasted in the passionate desire of (attracting) them.
  • تو مرا گویی حسد اندر مپیچ  ** چه حسد آرد کسی از فوت هیچ 
  • You say to me, ‘Don't indulge in envy,’ (but) how should any one feel envy in consequence of losing naught?
  • هست تعلیم خسان ای چشم‌شوخ  ** هم‌چو نقش خرد کردن بر کلوخ 
  • O impudent man, instruction given to the worthless is like drawing a little design on a clod of earth.
  • خویش را تعلیم کن عشق و نظر  ** که آن بود چون نقش فی جرم الحجر 
  • Instruct thyself in love (of God) and (spiritual) insight; for that is like a design (engraved) on a solid mass of stone.
  • نفس تو با تست شاگرد وفا  ** غیر فانی شد کجا جویی کجا  3195
  • Your own self is the (only) pupil that is (really) faithful to you: (all) the others perish: where will you seek them, where?
  • تا کنی مر غیر را حبر و سنی  ** خویش را بدخو و خالی می‌کنی 
  • In order that you may make others erudite and eminent, you are making yourself evil-natured and empty (of true knowledge).
  • متصل چون شد دلت با آن عدن  ** هین بگو مهراس از خالی شدن 
  • (But) when your heart is united with that Eden (of Reality), hark, speak on, and be not afraid of becoming empty.
  • امر قل زین آمدش کای راستین  ** کم نخواهد شد بگو دریاست این 
  • Hence the (Divine) command, ‘Speak!’ came to him (the Prophet), saying, ‘O righteous one, it will not fail: this is an (infinite) ocean.’