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  • تا که این هفتاد و دو ملت مدام  ** در جهان ماند الی یوم القیام 
  • So that these two-and-seventy sects may always remain in the world till the Day of Resurrection.
  • چون جهان ظلمتست و غیب این  ** از برای سایه می‌باید زمین  3220
  • Since this is the world of darkness and occultation, the earth is necessary for (the existence of) the shadow.
  • تا قیامت ماند این هفتاد و دو  ** کم نیاید مبتدع را گفت و گو 
  • These two-and-seventy (sects) will remain till the Resurrection: the heretic's talk and argument will not fail.
  • عزت مخزن بود اندر بها  ** که برو بسیار باشد قفلها 
  • The high value of a treasury is (shown by the circumstance) that there are many locks upon it.
  • عزت مقصد بود ای ممتحن  ** پیچ پیچ راه و عقبه و راه‌زن 
  • The greatness of the (traveller's) goal, O well-tried man, is (shown by) the intricate windings of the way and the mountain-passes and the brigands (infesting them).
  • عزت کعبه بود و آن نادیه  ** ره‌زنی اعراب و طول بادیه 
  • The greatness of the Ka‘ba and its assembly-place is (shown by) the brigandage of the Beduins and the length of the desert (traversed by the pilgrims).
  • هر روش هر ره که آن محمود نیست  ** عقبه‌ای و مانعی و ره‌زنیست  3225
  • Every (religious) doctrine, every tenet, that is not praiseworthy is (like) a mountain-pass and a barrier and a brigand.
  • این روش خصم و حقود آن شده  ** تا مقلد در دو ره حیران شده 
  • This doctrine has become the adversary and bitter enemy of that, so that the imitator (who adopts the beliefs of others) is in a dilemma;
  • صدق هر دو ضد بیند در روش  ** هر فریقی در ره خود خوش منش 
  • (For) he sees that both the opponents are firm in their doctrine: every sect is pleased with its own path.
  • گر جوابش نیست می‌بندد ستیز  ** بر همان دم تا به روز رستخیز 
  • If it has no reply (to the arguments brought against it), it will cling obstinately to the same formula till the Day of Resurrection,