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  • خویشتن بر آتشی برمی‌زنند  ** گرد شمع خود طوافی می‌کنند 
  • They attach themselves to a fire and circle round their own candle
  • بر امید آتش موسی بخت  ** کز لهیبش سبزتر گردد درخت 
  • In the hope of (gaining) the blessed fire of Moses, by the flame whereof the tree is made more green (flourishing).
  • فضل آن آتش شنیده هر رمه  ** هر شرر را آن گمان برده همه 
  • Every troop (of them) has heard of the excellence of that fire, and all imagine that any spark is that (same fire).
  • چون برآید صبحدم نور خلود  ** وا نماید هر یکی چه شمع بود  340
  • When the Light of Everlastingness rises at dawn, each (candle) reveals what (manner of) candle it was.
  • هر کرا پر سوخت زان شمع ظفر  ** بدهدش آن شمع خوش هشتاد پر 
  • Whosoever's wings were burnt by the candle of victory, that goodly candle bestows on him eighty wings;
  • جوق پروانه‌ی دو دیده دوخته  ** مانده زیر شمع بد پر سوخته 
  • (But) beneath the bad candle many a moth, whose eyes were sealed, is left (lying) with burnt wings,
  • می‌طپد اندر پشیمانی و سوز  ** می‌کند آه از هوای چشم‌دوز 
  • Quivering in sorrow and anguish, lamenting the vain desire that seals the eyes.
  • شمع او گوید که چون من سوختم  ** کی ترا برهانم از سوز و ستم 
  • Its candle says (to it), “Since I am burnt, how should I deliver thee from burning (grief) and oppression?”
  • شمع او گریان که من سرسوخته  ** چون کنم مر غیر را افروخته  345
  • Its candle weeps, saying, “My head is consumed: how should I make another resplendent?”
  • تفسیر یا حسرة علی العباد 
  • [Explanation of “Alas for the servants (of God)!”]
  • او همی گوید که از اشکال تو  ** غره گشتم دیر دیدم حال تو 
  • It (the moth) says, “I was deceived by thy (outward) features and (too) late did I regard thy (inward) condition.”