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  • خفض ارضی بین و رفع آسمان  ** بی ازین دو نیست دورانش ای فلان 
  • Consider the lowness of the earth and the loftiness of the sky: without these two (attributes) its (the sky's) revolution is not (possible), O such-and-such.
  • خفض و رفع این زمین نوعی دگر  ** نیم سالی شوره نیمی سبز و تر 
  • The lowness and loftiness of this earth are of another sort: for one half of the year it is barren and for (the other) half (it is) green and fresh.
  • خفض و رفع روزگار با کرب  ** نوع دیگر نیم روز و نیم شب  1850
  • The lowness and loftiness of distressful Time are of another sort: one half day and (the other) half night.
  • خفض و رفع این مزاج ممترج  ** گاه صحت گاه رنجوری مضج 
  • The lowness and loftiness of this blended (bodily) temperament (of ours) are now health and now sickness that causes (us) to cry out (in pain).
  • هم‌چنین دان جمله احوال جهان  ** قحط و جدب و صلح و جنگ از افتتان 
  • Know that even so are all the changing conditions of the world—famine and drought and peace and war—(which arise) from (Divine) probation.
  • این جهان با این دو پر اندر هواست  ** زین دو جانها موطن خوف و رجاست 
  • By means of these two wings this world is (kept up like a bird) in the air; by means of these twain (all) souls are habitations of fear and hope,
  • تا جهان لرزان بود مانند برگ  ** در شمال و در سموم بعث و مرگ 
  • To the end that the world may be (always) trembling like a leaf in the north wind and simoom of resurrection and death,
  • تا خم یک‌رنگی عیسی ما  ** بشکند نرخ خم صدرنگ را  1855
  • (And) that (ultimately) the vat of the unicolority of our Jesus may destroy the value of the vat containing a hundred dyes;
  • کان جهان هم‌چون نمکسار آمدست  ** هر چه آنجا رفت بی‌تلوین شدست 
  • For that world (of Unity) is like a salt-mine: whatever has gone thither has become exempt from coloration (dyeing with various colours).
  • خاک را بین خلق رنگارنگ را  ** می‌کند یک رنگ اندر گورها 
  • Look at earth: it makes many-coloured (diverse) humankind to be (all) of one colour in their graves.