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  • آنچ در ره دید از رنج و ستم  ** گرچه در خوردست کوته می‌کنم 
  • Although the afflictions and injuries which he suffered on the road are deserving (of mention), I will abridge (the story).
  • چون به مقصد آمد از ره آن جوان  ** خانه‌ی آن شاه را جست او نشان 
  • When the young man reached the end of his journey, he asked to be directed to the house of that (spiritual) king.
  • چون به صد حرمت بزد حلقه‌ی درش  ** زن برون کرد از در خانه سرش 
  • As soon as he knocked at his door with a hundred reverences, the (Shaykh's) wife put forth her head from the door of the house,
  • که چه می‌خواهی بگو ای ذوالکرم  ** ژگفت بر قصد زیارت آمدم 
  • Saying, “What do you want? Tell (me), kind sir.” He replied, “I have come with the intention of paying a visit (to the Shaykh).”
  • خنده‌ای زد زن که خه‌خه ریش بین  ** این سفرگیری و این تشویش بین  2050
  • The wife gave a (loud) laugh. “Ha, ha,” she exclaimed, “look at your beard, look at this undertaking of a journey and (all) this trouble!
  • خود ترا کاری نبود آن جایگاه  ** که به بیهوده کنی این عزم راه 
  • Was there nothing for you to do in the place (where you come from), that you should idly set out upon this expedition?
  • اشتهای گول‌گردی آمدت  ** یا ملولی وطن غالب شدت 
  • Did you feel a craving to indulge in foolish sight-seeing, or were you overcome by disgust with your home?
  • یا مگر دیوت دو شاخه بر نهاد  ** بر تو وسواس سفر را در گشاد 
  • Or, perchance, the Devil laid on you a two-forked barnacle and let loose upon you the temptation to travel.”
  • گفت نافرجام و فحش و دمدمه  ** من نتوانم باز گفتن آن همه 
  • She uttered unseemly and foul and silly words: I cannot relate all of them.
  • از مثل وز ریش‌خند بی‌حساب  ** آن مرید افتاد از غم در نشیب  2055
  • The disciple was thrown into a painful state of dejection by her parables and countless mockeries.
  • پرسیدن آن وارد از حرم شیخ کی شیخ کجاست کجا جوییم و جواب نافرجام گفتن حرم 
  • How the new-comer asked the Shaykh's wife, “Where is the Shaykh? Where shall I look for him?” and the rude answer given by the Shaykh's wife.