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  • نه هزارش وام بد از زر مگر  ** بود در تبریز بدرالدین عمر  3015
  • His debts amounted to nine thousand pieces of gold. It happened that in Tabríz was (a man named) Badru’ddín ‘Umar.
  • محتسب بد او به دل بحر آمده  ** هر سر مویش یکی حاتم‌کده 
  • He was the Police Inspector, (but) at heart he was an ocean (of bounty): every hair's tip of him was a dwelling-place (worthy) of Hátim.
  • حاتم ار بودی گدای او شدی  ** سر نهادی خاک پای او شدی 
  • Hátim, had he been (alive), would have become a beggar to him and laid his head (before him) and made himself (as) the dust of his feet.
  • گر بدادی تشنه را بحری زلال  ** در کرم شرمنده بودی زان نوال 
  • If he had given an ocean of limpid water to a thirsty man, such was his generosity that he would be ashamed of (bestowing) that gift;
  • ور بکردی ذره‌ای را مشرقی  ** بودی آن در همتش نالایقی 
  • And if he had made a mote (as full of splendour as) a place of sunrise, (even) that would (seem) to his lofty aspiration (to) be an unworthy action.
  • بر امید او بیامد آن غریب  ** کو غریبان را بدی خویش و نسیب  3020
  • That poor stranger came (to Tabríz) in hope of him, for to poor strangers he was always (like) a kinsman and relative.
  • با درش بود آن غریب آموخته  ** وام بی‌حد از عطایش توخته 
  • That poor stranger was familiar with his door and had paid innumerable debts from his bounty.
  • هم به پشت آن کریم او وام کرد  ** که ببخششهاش واثق بود مرد 
  • In reliance upon that generous (patron) he ran into debt, for the (poor) man was confident of (receiving) his donations.
  • لا ابالی گشته زو و وام‌جو  ** بر امید قلزم اکرام‌خو 
  • He had been made reckless by him (the Inspector) and eager to incur debts in hope of (being enriched by) that munificent sea.
  • وام‌داران روترش او شادکام  ** هم‌چو گل خندان از آن روض الکرام 
  • His creditors looked sour, while he was laughing happily, like the rose, on account of that garden (abode) of generous souls.