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  • روح چون من امر ربی مختفیست  ** هر مثالی که بگویم منتفیست  3310
  • Since the spirit, being from the command of my Lord, is invisible, every similitude that I may utter (concerning it) is denying (the truth of the description).
  • ای عجب کو لعل شکربار تو  ** وان جوابات خوش و اسرار تو 
  • Oh, where, I wonder, is thy sugar-shedding ruby (lip) and those sweet replies and mysteries of thine?
  • ای عجب کو آن عقیق قندخا  ** آن کلید قفل مشکل‌های ما 
  • Oh, where, I wonder, is that candy-chewing cornelian (lip), the key to the lock of our perplexities?
  • ای عجب کو آن دم چون ذوالفقار  ** آنک کردی عقل‌ها را بی‌قرار 
  • Oh, where, I wonder, is that breath (keen) as Dhu ’l-faqár, that used to make our understandings distraught?
  • چند هم‌چون فاخته کاشانه‌جو  ** کو و کو و کو و کو و کو و کو 
  • How long, like a ringdove seeking her nest, (shall I cry) ‘where (kú) and where and where and where and where and where?’
  • کو همان‌جا که صفات رحمتست  ** قدرتست و نزهتست و فطنتست  3315
  • Where (is he now)? In the place where are the Attributes of (Divine) Mercy, and (the Divine) Power and Transcendence, and (celestial) Intelligence.
  • کو همان‌جا که دل و اندیشه‌اش  ** دایم آن‌جا بد چو شیر و بیشه‌اش 
  • Where (is he now)? In the same place where his heart and thought always dwelt, like the lion in his jungle.
  • کو همان‌جا که امید مرد و زن  ** می‌رود در وقت اندوه و حزن 
  • Where (is he now)? In that place whither the hope of (every) man and woman turns in the hour of anguish and sorrow.
  • کو همان‌جا که به وقت علتی  ** چشم پرد بر امید صحتی 
  • Where (is he now)? In the place to which in time of illness the eye takes wing in hope of (regaining) health—
  • آن طرف که بهر دفع زشتیی  ** باد جویی بهر کشت و کشتیی 
  • In that quarter where, in order to avert a calamity, you seek wind for (winnowing) the corn or (speeding) a ship (on its way);