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  • اندرون سور و برون چون پر غمی  ** در تن هم‌چون لحد خوش عالمی 
  • Inwardly (merry as) a wedding-feast, but outwardly like a man filled with sorrow; a delectable world (concealed) in a tomb-like body.
  • او درین حیرت بد و در انتظار  ** تا چه پیدا آید از غیب و سرار 
  • He was in this (state of) bewilderment and waiting to see what would appear from the (world of) things occult and mysterious,
  • اسپ را اندر کشیدند آن زمان  ** پیش خوارمشاه سرهنگان کشان 
  • (When) at that time the officers brought the horse along into the presence of the Khwárizmsháh.
  • الحق اندر زیر این چرخ کبود  ** آن‌چنان کره به قد و تگ نبود  3440
  • Verily beneath this azure sky there was no (other) colt like that in (tallness and comeliness of) figure and in fleetness.
  • می‌ربودی رنگ او هر دیده را  ** مرحب آن از برق و مه زاییده را 
  • Its colour (splendid appearance) dazzled every eye: (all would exclaim), “Hail to the (steed) born of the lightning and the moon!”
  • هم‌چو مه هم‌چون عطارد تیزرو  ** گوییی صرصر علف بودش نه جو 
  • It moved as swiftly as the moon and Mercury: you might say that its fodder was the sarsar wind, not barley.
  • ماه عرصه‌ی آسمان را در شبی  ** می‌برد اندر مسیر و مذهبی 
  • The moon traverses the expanse of heaven in one night during a single journey and course.
  • چون به یک شب مه برید ابراج را  ** از چه منکر می‌شوی معراج را 
  • Since the moon traversed the signs of the zodiac in one night, wherefore wilt thou disbelieve the Ascension (of the Prophet)?
  • صد چو ماهست آن عجب در یتیم  ** که به یک ایماء او شد مه دو نیم  3445
  • That wondrous orphan Pearl is as a hundred moons, for at a nod from him the moon became (split in) two halves.
  • آن عجب کو در شکاف مه نمود  ** هم به قدر ضعف حس خلق بود 
  • (Even) the marvel which he displayed in splitting the moon was only according to the measure of the weakness of the perception possessed by the (common) people.