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  • هی در آ در کشتی ما ای نژند  ** یا تو آن کشتی برین کشتی ببند 
  • Hark, come into our boat, O wretched man, or (at least) tie that boat (of thine) to this boat (of ours).”
  • گوید او چون ترک گیرم گیر و دار  ** چون روم من در طفیلت کوروار 
  • He replies, “How should I abandon power and dominion? How should I follow thee blindly?”
  • کور با رهبر به از تنها یقین  ** زان یکی ننگست و صد ننگست ازین 
  • A blind man is certainly better off with a guide than (when he goes) alone: in the former case there is (only) one ignominy, while in the latter there are a hundred.
  • می‌گریزی از پشه در کزدمی  ** می‌گریزی در یمی تو از نمی 
  • Thou art fleeing from a gnat to a scorpion, thou art fleeing from a dewdrop into an ocean.
  • می‌گریزی از جفاهای پدر  ** در میان لوطیان و شور و شر  4110
  • Thou art fleeing from thy father's unkindnesses into the midst of scoundrels and mischief and trouble.
  • می‌گریزی هم‌چو یوسف ز اندهی  ** تا ز نرتع نلعب افتی در چهی 
  • Like Joseph, thou art fleeing from one sorrow to fall into a well (of woe) through (being beguiled by) “let us frolic and play.”
  • در چه افتی زین تفرج هم‌چو او  ** مر ترا لیک آن عنایت یار کو 
  • Because of this pastime thou fallest into a well, like him; but where is the (Divine) favour to help thee (as it helped him)?
  • گر نبودی آن به دستوری پدر  ** برنیاوردی ز چه تا حشر سر 
  • Had it not been (done) by his father's leave, he would never have emerged from the well till the Resurrection;
  • آن پدر بهر دل او اذن داد  ** گفت چون اینست میلت خیر باد 
  • (But) in order to please him his father gave the permission and said, “Since this is thy desire, may good come (of it)!”
  • هر ضریری کز مسیحی سر کشد  ** او جهودانه بماند از رشد  4115
  • Any blind man who turns away in scorn from a Messiah will be left, like the Jews, without guidance;