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  • نفی ضد کرد از بهشت آن بی‌نظیر  ** که نباشد شمس و ضدش زمهریر 
  • He (God) who hath no like banished contraries from Paradise, saying, “Neither sun nor its contrary, intense cold, shall be there.”
  • هست بی‌رنگی اصول رنگها  ** صلحها باشد اصول جنگها 
  • Colourlessness is the origin of colours, peaces are the origins of wars.
  • آن جهانست اصل این پرغم وثاق  ** وصل باشد اصل هر هجر و فراق  60
  • That world is the origin of this dolorous abode, union is the origin of every parting and separation.
  • این مخالف از چه‌ایم ای خواجه ما  ** واز چه زاید وحدت این اعداد را 
  • Wherefore, sire, are we thus in opposition, and wherefore does unity give birth to these numbers?
  • زانک ما فرعیم و چار اضداد اصل  ** خوی خود در فرع کرد ایجاد اصل 
  • Because we are the branch and the four elements are the stock: in the branch the stock has brought its own nature into existence.
  • گوهر جان چون ورای فصلهاست  ** خوی او این نیست خوی کبریاست 
  • (But) since the substance, (which is) the spirit, is beyond ramifications, its nature is not this (plurality); it is the nature of (the Divine) Majesty.
  • جنگها بین کان اصول صلحهاست  ** چون نبی که جنگ او بهر خداست 
  • Perceive that wars which are the origins of peaces are like (the war of) the Prophet whose war is for God's sake.
  • غالبست و چیر در هر دو جهان  ** شرح این غالب نگنجد در دهان  65
  • He is victorious and mighty in both worlds: the description of this victor is not contained in the mouth.
  • آب جیحون را اگر نتوان کشید  ** هم ز قدر تشنگی نتوان برید 
  • Still, if it is impossible to drain (drink) the Oxus, one cannot deny one's self as much (water) as will slake thirst.
  • گر شدی عطشان بحر معنوی  ** فرجه‌ای کن در جزیره‌ی مثنوی 
  • If you are thirsting for the spiritual Ocean, make a breach in the island of the Mathnawí.