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  • هم‌چو آن شیری که در چه شد فرو  ** عکس خود را خصم خود پنداشت او  735
  • Like the lion who went down into the well; (for) he fancied that the reflexion of himself was his enemy.”
  • نفی ضد هست باشد بی‌شکی  ** تا ز ضد ضد را بدانی اندکی 
  • Beyond any doubt, negation (not-being) is the opposite of (real) being, (and this is) in order that by means of the (one) opposite you may gain a little knowledge of the (other) opposite.
  • این زمان جز نفی ضد اعلام نیست  ** اندرین نشات دمی بی‌دام نیست 
  • At this time there is no (means of) making (God) known except (by) denying the opposite: in this (earthly) life no moment is without a snare.
  • بی‌حجابت باید آن ای ذو لباب  ** مرگ را بگزین و بر دران حجاب 
  • O you who possess sincerity, (if) you want that (Reality) unveiled, choose death and tear off the veil—
  • نه چنان مرگی که در گوری روی  ** مرگ تبدیلی که در نوری روی 
  • Not such a death that you will go into a grave, (but) a death consisting of (spiritual) transformation, so that you will go into a Light.
  • مرد بالغ گشت آن بچگی بمرد  ** رومیی شد صبغت زنگی سترد  740
  • (When) a man grows up, his childhood dies; (when) he becomes a (fair-complexioned) Greek, he washes out the dye (swarthy colour) of the Ethiopian.
  • خاک زر شد هیات خاکی نماند  ** غم فرج شد خار غمناکی نماند 
  • (When) earth becomes gold, its earthly aspect remains not; (when) sorrow becomes joy, the thorn of sorrowfulness remains not.
  • مصطفی زین گفت کای اسرارجو  ** مرده را خواهی که بینی زنده تو 
  • Hence Mustafá (Mohammed) said, “O seeker of the mysteries, (if) you wish to see a dead man living—
  • می‌رود چون زندگان بر خاکدان  ** مرده و جانش شده بر آسمان 
  • Walking on the earth, like living men; (yet he is) dead and his spirit is gone to heaven;
  • جانش را این دم به بالا مسکنیست  ** گر بمیرد روح او را نقل نیست 
  • (One) whose spirit hath a dwelling-place on high at this moment, (so that) if he die, his spirit is not translated,