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  • گفت گفتی بشنو از چاکر جواب  ** تا نمانی در تحیر و اضطراب 
  • He replied, “You have said (your say): (now) hear the answer from your (humble) servant, that you may not remain in bewilderment and confusion.
  • گرچه هست این دم بر تو نیم‌شب  ** نزد من نزدیک شد صبح طرب 
  • Although in your opinion this moment is midnight, in my view the dawn of delight is near at hand.
  • هر شکستی پیش من پیروز شد  ** جمله شبها پیش چشمم روز شد 
  • In my sight every defeat has been turned to victory, in my eyes all nights have been turned to day.
  • پیش تو خونست آب رود نیل  ** نزد من خون نیست آبست ای نبیل  855
  • To you the water of the river Nile seems blood; to me it is not blood, ’tis water, O noble one.
  • در حق تو آهنست آن و رخام  ** پیش داود نبی مومست و رام 
  • In regard to you, that (object) is iron or marble, (but) to the prophet David it is (soft as) wax and tractable.
  • پیش تو که بس گرانست و جماد  ** مطربست او پیش داود اوستاد 
  • To you the mountain is exceedingly heavy (solid) and inanimate, (but) to David it is a master-musician.
  • پیش تو آن سنگ‌ریزه ساکتست  ** پیش احمد او فصیح و قانتست 
  • To you the gravel is silent; to Ahmad (Mohammed) it is eloquent and making supplication (to God).
  • پیش تو استون مسجد مرده‌ایست  ** پیش احمد عاشقی دل برده‌ایست 
  • To you the pillar of the mosque is a dead thing; to Ahmad it is (like) a lover who has lost his heart.
  • جمله اجزای جهان پیش عوام  ** مرده و پیش خدا دانا و رام  860
  • To the vulgar all the particles of the world seem dead, but before God they are possessed of knowledge and submissive (to His commands).
  • آنچ گفتی کاندرین خانه و سرا  ** نیست کس چون می‌زنی این طبل را 
  • As for your saying, ‘There is nobody in this house and palace: why art thou beating this drum?’—