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  • Hide the grain (bait), become wholly a snare; hide the bud, become the grass on the roof.
  • دانه پنهان کن بکلی دام شو ** غنچه پنهان کن گیاه بام شو
  • Any one who offers his beauty to auction, a hundred evil fates set out towards him (and overtake him). 1835
  • هر که داد او حسن خود را در مزاد ** صد قضای بد سوی او رو نهاد
  • (Evil) eyes and angers and envies pour upon his head, like water from waterskins.
  • چشمها و خشمها و رشکها ** بر سرش ریزد چو آب از مشکها
  • Foes tear him to pieces from jealousy; even friends take his lifetime away.
  • دشمنان او را ز غیرت می‌‌درند ** دوستان هم روزگارش می‌‌برند
  • He that was heedless of the sowing and the springtide, how should he know the value of this lifetime?
  • آن که غافل بود از کشت بهار ** او چه داند قیمت این روزگار
  • You must flee to the shelter of God's grace, who shed thousand fold grace upon (our) spirits,
  • در پناه لطف حق باید گریخت ** کاو هزاران لطف بر ارواح ریخت‌‌
  • That you may find a shelter. Then how (will you lack) shelter? Water and fire will become your army. 1840
  • تا پناهی یابی آن گه چون پناه ** آب و آتش مر ترا گردد سپاه‌‌
  • Did not the sea become a friend to Noah and Moses? Did it not become overbearing in vengeance against their enemies?
  • نوح و موسی را نه دریا یار شد ** نه بر اعداشان به کین قهار شد
  • Was not the fire a fortress for Abraham, so that it raised smoke (sighs of despair) from the heart of Nimrod?
  • آتش ابراهیم را نی قلعه بود ** تا بر آورد از دل نمرود دود
  • Did not the mountain call Yahyá (John the Baptist) to itself and drive off his pursuers with blows of stone?
  • کوه یحیی را نه سوی خویش خواند ** قاصدانش را به زخم سنگ راند