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  • Blithely the man came into the road, unaware that the king had formed a design against his life.
  • اندر آمد شادمان در راه مرد ** بی‌‌خبر کان شاه قصد جانش کرد
  • He mounted an Arab horse and sped on joyously: (what really was) the price of his blood he deemed a robe of honour.
  • اسب تازی بر نشست و شاد تاخت ** خونبهای خویش را خلعت شناخت‌‌
  • O (fool), who with a hundred consents thyself with thine own foot didst enter on the journey to the fated ill!
  • ای شده اندر سفر با صد رضا ** خود به پای خویش تا سوء القضا
  • In his fancy (were dreams of) riches, power, and lordship. Said ‘Azrá‘íl (the Angel of Death), “Go (thy way). Yes, thou wilt get (them)!”
  • در خیالش ملک و عز و مهتری ** گفت عزرائیل رو آری بری‌‌
  • When the stranger arrived (and turned) from the road, the physician brought him into the presence of the king. 195
  • چون رسید از راه آن مرد غریب ** اندر آوردش به پیش شه طبیب‌‌
  • Proudly and delicately they conducted him to the king of kings, that he might burn (like a moth) on that candle of Tiráz.
  • سوی شاهنشاه بردندش به ناز ** تا بسوزد بر سر شمع طراز
  • The king beheld him, showed great regard (for him), and entrusted to him the treasure house (full) of gold.
  • شاه دید او را بسی تعظیم کرد ** مخزن زر را بدو تسلیم کرد
  • Then the physician said to him: “O mighty Sultan, give the handmaiden to this lord,
  • پس حکیمش گفت کای سلطان مه ** آن کنیزک را بدین خواجه بده‌‌
  • In order that the handmaiden may be happy in union with him, and that the water of union with him may put out the fire (of passion).”
  • تا کنیزک در وصالش خوش شود ** آب وصلش دفع آن آتش شود
  • The king bestowed on him that moon-faced one and wedded those twain (who were) craving (each other's) company. 200
  • شه بدو بخشید آن مه روی را ** جفت کرد آن هر دو صحبت جوی را