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  • Those without aspiration—how aspiring had they become! and those of high aspiration—to what felicity had they attained!
  • آن که بی‌‌همت چه با همت شده ** و آن که با همت چه با نعمت شده‌‌
  • Showing that, as the beggar is in love with bounty and in love with the bountiful giver, so the bounty of the bountiful giver is in love with the beggar: if the beggar have the greater patience, the bountiful giver will come to his door; and if the bountiful giver have the greater patience, the beggar will come to his door; but the beggar's patience is a virtue in the beggar, while the patience of the bountiful giver is in him a defect.
  • در بیان آن که چنان که گدا عاشق کرم است و عاشق کریم، کرم کریم هم عاشق گداست اگر گدا را صبر بیش بود کریم بر در او آید و اگر کریم را صبر بیش بود گدا بر در او آید اما صبر گدا کمال گداست و صبر کریم نقصان اوست‌‌
  • A loud call was coming (to his ears): “Come, O seeker! Bounty is in need of beggars: (it is needy) like a beggar.
  • بانگ می‌‌آمد که ای طالب بیا ** جود محتاج گدایان چون گدا
  • Bounty is seeking the beggars and the poor, just as fair ones who seek a clear mirror. 2745
  • جود می‌‌جوید گدایان و ضعاف ** همچو خوبان کاینه جویند صاف‌‌
  • The face of the fair is made beautiful by the mirror, the face of Beneficence is made visible by the beggar.
  • روی خوبان ز آینه زیبا شود ** روی احسان از گدا پیدا شود
  • Therefore on this account God said in the Súra Wa’d-Duhá, “O Mohammed, do not shout at (and drive away) the beggar.”
  • پس از این فرمود حق در و الضحی ** بانگ کم زن ای محمد بر گدا
  • Inasmuch as the beggar is the mirror of Bounty, take care! Breath is hurtful to the face of the mirror.
  • چون گدا آیینه‌‌ی جود است هان ** دم بود بر روی آیینه زیان‌‌
  • In the one case, his (the giver's) bounty makes the beggar manifest (causes him to beg), while in the other case he (the giver), (without being asked), bestows on the beggars more (than they need).
  • آن یکی جودش گدا آرد پدید ** و آن دگر بخشد گدایان را مزید
  • Beggars, then, are the evidentiary sign of God's bounty, and they that are with God are (united with) the Absolute Bounty; 2750
  • پس گدایان آیت جود حق‌‌اند ** و آن که با حقند جود مطلق‌‌اند
  • And every one except those two (types of beggar) is truly a dead man: he is not at this door (the Divine Court), he is (lifeless as) a picture (embroidered) on a curtain.
  • و آن که جز این دوست او خود مرده‌‌ای است ** او بر این در نیست نقش پرده‌‌ای است‌‌
  • The difference between one that is poor for (desirous of) God and thirsting for Him and one that is poor of (destitute of) God and thirsting for what is other than He.
  • فرق میان آن که درویش است به خدا و تشنه‌‌ی خدا و میان آن که درویش است از خدا و تشنه‌‌ی غیر است‌‌
  • He (that seeks other than God) is the (mere) picture of a dervish, he is not worthy of bread (Divine bounty): do not throw a bone to the picture of a dog!
  • نقش درویش است او نی اهل نان ** نقش سگ را تو مینداز استخوان‌‌