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  • What is (the meaning of) to learn the knowledge of God's unity? To consume yourself in the presence of the One.
  • چیست توحید خدا آموختن ** خویشتن را پیش واحد سوختن‌‌
  • If you wish to shine like day, burn up your night-like self-existence. 3010
  • گر همی‌‌خواهی که بفروزی چو روز ** هستی همچون شب خود را بسوز
  • Melt away your existence, as copper (melts away) in the elixir, in the being of Him who fosters (and sustains) existence.
  • هستی‌‌ات در هست آن هستی نواز ** همچو مس در کیمیا اندر گداز
  • You have fastened both your hands tight on (are determined not to give up) “I” and “we”: all this (spiritual) ruin is caused by dualism.
  • در من و ما سخت کرده ستی دو دست ** هست این جمله‌‌ی خرابی از دو هست‌‌
  • How the wolf and fox went to hunt in attendance on the lion.
  • رفتن گرگ و روباه در خدمت شیر به شکار
  • A lion, wolf, and fox had gone to hunt in the mountains in quest (of food),
  • شیر و گرگ و روبهی بهر شکار ** رفته بودند از طلب در کوهسار
  • That by supporting each other they might tie fast the burden of the fetters (of captivity) on the hunted animals,
  • تا به پشت همدگر بر صیدها ** سخت بر بندند بار قیدها
  • And all three together might seize much and great quarry in that deep wilderness. 3015
  • هر سه با هم اندر آن صحرای ژرف ** صیدها گیرند بسیار و شگرف‌‌
  • Although the fierce lion was ashamed of them (the wolf and fox), yet he did them honour and gave them his company on the way.
  • گر چه ز یشان شیر نر را ننگ بود ** لیک کرد اکرام و همراهی نمود
  • To a king like this the (escort of) soldiers are an annoyance, but he accompanied them: a united party is a mercy (from God).
  • این چنین شه را ز لشکر زحمت است ** لیک همره شد جماعت رحمت است‌‌
  • A moon like this is disgraced by the stars: it is amongst the stars for generosity's sake.
  • این چنین مه را ز اختر ننگهاست ** او میان اختران بهر سخاست‌‌