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  • The wolf and fox hoped that a division (of the prey) would be made according to the justice of emperors.
  • گرگ و روبه را طمع بود اندر آن ** که رود قسمت به عدل خسروان‌‌
  • The reflexion of the hope of both of them struck the lion: the lion knew (what was) the ground for those hopes.
  • عکس طمع هر دوشان بر شیر زد ** شیر دانست آن طمعها را سند
  • Any one that is the lion and prince of (spiritual) mysteries, he will know all that the conscience thinks.
  • هر که باشد شیر اسرار و امیر ** او بداند هر چه اندیشد ضمیر
  • Beware! Guard thyself, O heart disposed to thinking, from any evil thought in his presence.
  • هین نگه دار ای دل اندیشه جو ** دل ز اندیشه‌‌ی بدی در پیش او
  • He knows and keeps riding on silently: he smiles in thy face in order to mask (his feelings). 3030
  • داند و خر را همی‌‌راند خموش ** در رخت خندد برای روی‌‌پوش‌‌
  • When the lion perceived their bad ideas, he did not declare (his knowledge), and paid (courteous) regard (to them) at the time,
  • شیر چون دانست آن وسواسشان ** وانگفت و داشت آن دم پاسشان‌‌
  • But he said to himself, “I will show you what (chastisement) ye deserve, O beggarly villains!
  • لیک با خود گفت بنمایم سزا ** مر شما را ای خسیسان گدا
  • Was my judgement not enough for you? Is this your opinion of my bounty,
  • مر شما را بس نیامد رای من ** ظنتان این است در اعطای من‌‌
  • O ye whose understanding and judgement are (derived) from my judgement and from my world-adorning gifts?
  • ای عقول و رایتان از رای من ** از عطاهای جهان آرای من‌‌
  • What else (but good) should the picture think of the painter, since he bestowed thought and knowledge upon it? 3035
  • نقش با نقاش چه سگالد دگر ** چون سگالش اوش بخشید و خبر