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  • The beams of the spirit are speech and eye and ear: the beam (effect) of fire is the bubbling in the water.
  • پرتو روح است نطق و چشم و گوش ** پرتو آتش بود در آب جوش‌‌
  • As the beam of the spirit falls on the body, so fall the beams of the Abdál on my soul.
  • آن چنان که پرتو جان بر تن است ** پرتو ابدال بر جان من است‌‌
  • When the Soul of the soul withdraws from the soul, the soul becomes even as the soulless (lifeless) body. Know (this for sure)!
  • جان جان چون واکشد پا را ز جان ** جان چنان گردد که بی‌‌جان تن بدان‌‌
  • For that reason I am laying my head (humbly) on the earth, so that she (the earth) may be my witness on the Day of Judgement. 3275
  • سر از آن رو می‌‌نهم من بر زمین ** تا گواه من بود در روز دین‌‌
  • On the Day of Judgement, when she shall be made to quake mightily, this earth will bear witness to all that passed (in and from us);
  • یوم دین که زلزلت زلزالها ** این زمین باشد گواه حالها
  • For she will plainly declare what she knows: earth and rocks will begin to speak.
  • کاو تحدث جهرة أخبارها ** در سخن آید زمین و خاره‌‌ها
  • The philosopher, in his (vain) thought and opinion, becomes disbelieving: bid him go and dash his head against that wall!
  • فلسفی منکر شود در فکر و ظن ** گو برو سر را بر آن دیوار زن‌‌
  • The speech of water, the speech of earth, and the speech of mud are apprehended by the senses of them that have hearts (the mystics).
  • نطق آب و نطق خاک و نطق گل ** هست محسوس حواس اهل دل‌‌
  • The philosopher who disbelieves in the moaning pillar is a stranger to the senses of the saints. 3280
  • فلسفی کاو منکر حنانه است ** از حواس اولیا بیگانه است‌‌
  • He says that the beam (influence) of melancholia brings many phantasies into people's minds.
  • گوید او که پرتو سودای خلق ** بس خیالات آورد در رای خلق‌‌