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  • On the counter (of the shop) everything (every gilded coin) that looks like gold is smiling, because the touchstone is out of sight.
  • بر دکان هر زرنما خندان شده ست ** ز آنکه سنگ امتحان پنهان شده ست‌‌
  • O Coverer (of faults), do not lift up the veil from us, be a protector to us in our test (on the Day of Judgement).
  • پرده ای ستار از ما بر مگیر ** باش اندر امتحان ما مجیر
  • At night the false coin jostles (in rivalry) with the gold: the gold is waiting for day.
  • قلب پهلو می‌‌زند با زر به شب ** انتظار روز می‌‌دارد ذهب‌‌
  • With the tongue of its (inward) state the gold says, “Wait, O tinselled one, till day rises clear.” 3295
  • با زبان حال زر گوید که باش ** ای مزور تا بر آید روز فاش‌‌
  • Hundreds of thousands of years the accursed Iblís was a saint and the prince of true believers;
  • صد هزاران سال ابلیس لعین ** بود ز ابدال و امیر المؤمنین‌‌
  • On account of the pride which he had, he grappled with Adam and was put to shame, like dung at morning tide.
  • پنجه زد با آدم از نازی که داشت ** گشت رسوا همچو سرگین وقت چاشت‌‌
  • How Bal‘am son of Bá‘úr prayed (to God), saying, “Cause Moses and his people to turn back, without having gained their desire, from this city which they have besieged and how his prayer was granted.”
  • دعا کردن بلعم باعور که موسی و قومش را از این شهر که حصار داده‌‌اند بی‌‌مراد باز گردان‌‌
  • To Bal‘am son of Bá‘úr the people of the world became subject, (for he was) like unto the Jesus of the time.
  • بلعم باعور را خلق جهان ** سغبه شد مانند عیسای زمان‌‌
  • They bowed (worshipfully) to none but him: his spell was (giving) health to the sick.
  • سجده ناوردند کس را دون او ** صحت رنجور بود افسون او
  • From pride and (conceit of) perfection he grappled with Moses: his plight became such as thou hast heard. 3300
  • پنجه زد با موسی از کبر و کمال ** آن چنان شد که شنیده ستی تو حال‌‌
  • Even so there have been in the world, manifest or hidden, a hundred thousand like Iblís and Bal‘am.
  • صد هزار ابلیس و بلعم در جهان ** همچنین بوده ست پیدا و نهان‌‌