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  • Once more, a reason that flees from the Reason of reason (Universal Reason) is transported from rationality to (the grade of) the animals. 3320
  • باز عقلی کاو رمد از عقل عقل ** کرد از عقلی به حیوانات نقل‌‌
  • How Hárút and Márút relied upon their immaculateness and desired to mix with the people of this world and fell into temptation.
  • اعتماد کردن هاروت و ماروت بر عصمت خویش و آمیزی اهل دنیا خواستن و در فتنه افتادن‌‌
  • As (for example), because of their arrogance, the celebrated Hárút and Márút were smitten by the poisoned arrow (of Divine wrath).
  • همچو هاروت و چو ماروت شهیر ** از بطر خوردند زهر آلود تیر
  • They had confidence in their holiness, (but) what (use) is it for the buffalo to have confidence in the lion?
  • اعتمادی بودشان بر قدس خویش ** چیست بر شیر اعتماد گاومیش‌‌
  • Though he make a hundred shifts (to defend himself) with his horn, the fierce lion will tear him to pieces limb by limb.
  • گر چه او با شاخ صد چاره کند ** شاخ شاخش شیر نر پاره کند
  • (Even) if he become as full of horns (prickles) as a hedgehog, the buffalo will inevitably be killed by the lion.
  • گر شود پر شاخ همچون خار پشت ** شیر خواهد گاو را ناچار کشت‌‌
  • (But) though the Sarsar wind uproots many trees, it bestows kindness on the wet grass. 3325
  • گر چه صرصر بس درختان می‌‌کند ** با گیاه تر وی احسان می‌‌کند
  • That violent wind had pity on the weakness of the grass: do not thou, O heart, brag vainly of thy strength.
  • بر ضعیفی گیاه آن باد تند ** رحم کرد ای دل تو از قوت ملند
  • How should the axe be afraid of the thickness of the branches? It cuts them to pieces.
  • تیشه را ز انبوهی شاخ درخت ** کی هراس آید ببرد لخت لخت‌‌
  • But it does not beat itself against a leaf, it does not beat its edge except against an edge (something hard and solid like itself).
  • لیک بر برگی نکوبد خویش را ** جز که بر نیشی نکوبد نیش را
  • What does the flame care for the great quantity of firewood? How should the butcher flee in terror from the flock of sheep?
  • شعله را ز انبوهی هیزم چه غم ** کی رمد قصاب از خیل غنم‌‌