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  • The analogy between the state of Heaven and (that of) the earth is inexact: it has a concealed difference. 3425
  • آن قیاس حال گردون بر زمین ** راست ناید فرق دارد در کمین‌‌
  • Explaining that one must keep one's own (spiritual) state and (mystical) intoxication hidden from the ignorant.
  • در بیان آن که حال خود و مستی خود پنهان باید داشت از جاهلان‌‌
  • Hearken to the words of the Sage (Hakím) who lived in seclusion, “Lay thy head in the same place where thou hast drunk the wine.”
  • بشنو الفاظ حکیم پرده‌‌ای ** سر همانجا نه که باده خورده‌‌ای‌‌
  • When the drunken man has gone astray from a tavern, he becomes the children's laughing-stock and plaything.
  • چون که از میخانه مستی ضال شد ** تسخر و بازیچه‌‌ی اطفال شد
  • Whatever way he goes, he is falling in the mud, (now) on this side and (now) on that side, and every fool is laughing at him.
  • می‌‌فتد او سو به سو بر هر رهی ** در گل و می‌‌خنددش هر ابلهی‌‌
  • He (goes on) like this, while the children at his heels are without knowledge of his intoxication and the taste of his wine.
  • او چنین و کودکان اندر پی‌‌اش ** بی‌‌خبر از مستی و ذوق می‌‌اش‌‌
  • All mankind are children except him that is intoxicated with God; none is grownup except him that is freed from sensual desire. 3430
  • خلق اطفال‌‌اند جز مست خدا ** نیست بالغ جز رهیده از هوا
  • He (God) said, “This world is a play and pastime, and ye are children”; and God speaks truth.
  • گفت دنیا لعب و لهو است و شما ** کودکید و راست فرماید خدا
  • If you have not gone forth from (taken leave of) play, you are a child: without purity of spirit how should he (any one) be fully intelligent?
  • از لعب بیرون نرفتی کودکی ** بی‌‌ذکات روح کی باشد ذکی‌‌
  • Know, O youth, that the lust in which men are indulging here (in this world) is like the sexual intercourse of children.
  • چون جماع طفل دان این شهوتی ** که همی‌‌رانند اینجا ای فتی‌‌
  • What is the child's sexual intercourse? An idle play, compared with the sexual intercourse of a Rustam and a brave champion of Islam.
  • آن جماع طفل چه بود بازیی ** با جماع رستمی و غازیی‌‌