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  • When the animal throat is justly cut (i.e. when the sensual capacities and faculties of the soul have been mortified), there grows (from it) the human throat (i.e. the rational capacities and faculties), and its excellence is increased (thereby).
  • حلق حیوان چون بریده شد به عدل ** حلق انسان رست و افزون گشت فضل‌‌
  • When a (martyred) man's throat is cut, come, consider what the result will be! Judge of this (case) by the analogy of that (case).
  • حلق انسان چون ببرد هین ببین ** تا چه زاید کن قیاس آن بر این‌‌
  • A third throat will be born, and care of it will be (taken by) the sherbet of God and His lights. 3875
  • حلق ثالث زاید و تیمار او ** شربت حق باشد و انوار او
  • The throat that has been cut drinks (the Divine) sherbet, but (only) the throat that has been delivered from Nay and has died in Yea.
  • حلق ببریده خورد شربت ولی ** حلق از لا رسته مرده در بلی‌‌
  • Make an end, O pusillanimous short-fingered (infirm) one! How long will the life of thy spirit be (sustained) by bread?
  • بس کن ای دون همت کوته بنان ** تا کی‌‌ات باشد حیات جان به نان‌‌
  • Like the willow, thou hast no fruit, because thou hast lost thine honour for the sake of white bread.
  • ز آن نداری میوه‌‌ای مانند بید ** کآبرو بردی پی نان سپید
  • If the sensual soul cannot refrain from this bread, take the elixir and turn thy copper into gold.
  • گر ندارد صبر زین نان جان حس ** کیمیا را گیر و زر گردان تو مس‌‌
  • Wouldst thou wash thy garment (clean), O so-and-so, do not avert thy face from the bleachers' quarter. 3880
  • جامه شویی کرد خواهی ای فلان ** رو مگردان از محله‌‌ی گازران‌‌
  • Although the bread has broken thy fast, cling to Him that binds what is broken, and ascend!
  • گر چه نان بشکست مر روزه‌‌ی ترا ** در شکسته بند پیچ و برتر آ
  • Inasmuch as His hand binds what is broken, it follows that His breaking is assuredly mending.
  • چون شکسته بند آمد دست او ** پس رفو باشد یقین اشکست او