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  • That he may give another spirit to the Princedom; that he may give fruit to the palm tree of the Caliphate.
  • تا امیری را دهد جانی دگر ** تا دهد نخل خلافت را ثمر
  • Explaining that the motive of the Prophet, on whom be peace, in seeking to conquer Mecca and other (places) than Mecca was not love of worldly dominion, inasmuch as he has said “This world is a carcase,” but that on the contrary it was by the command (of God).
  • بیان آن که فتح طلبیدن پیغامبر علیه السلام مکه را و غیر مکه را بجهت دوستی ملک دنیا نبود چون فرموده است که الدنیا جیفه بلکه به امر بود
  • Likewise the Prophet's struggle to conquer Mecca—how can he be suspected of (being inspired by) love of this world?
  • جهد پیغمبر به فتح مکه هم ** کی بود در حب دنیا متهم‌‌
  • He who on the day of trial shut his eyes and heart to the treasury of the Seven Heavens,
  • آن که او از مخزن هفت آسمان ** چشم و دل بر بست روز امتحان‌‌
  • (When) the horizons of all the Seven Heavens were full of houris and genies (who had come) to gaze upon him, 3950
  • از پی نظاره‌‌ی او حور و جان ** پر شده آفاق هر هفت آسمان‌‌
  • Having arrayed themselves for his sake—how indeed should he care for anything except the Beloved?
  • خویشتن آراسته از بهر او ** خود و را پروای غیر دوست کو
  • He had become so filled with magnification of God, that even those nearest to God would find no way (of intruding) there.
  • آن چنان پر گشته از اجلال حق ** که در او هم ره نیابد آل حق‌‌
  • “In Us (in Our unity) is no room for a prophet sent as an apostle, nor yet for the Angels or the Spirit. Do ye, therefore, understand!”
  • لا یسع فینا نبی مرسل ** و الملک و الروح ایضا فاعقلوا
  • He (also) said, “We are má zágh (that is, Our eye did not rove), we are not (looking for carrion) like crows (zágh); We are intoxicated with (enraptured by) the Dyer, we are not intoxicated with the garden (of flowers with their many dyes).”
  • گفت ما زاغیم همچون زاغ نه ** مست صباغیم مست باغ نه‌‌
  • Inasmuch as to the eye of the Prophet the treasuries of the celestial spheres and intelligences seemed (worthless) as a straw, 3955
  • چون که مخزنهای افلاک و عقول ** چون خسی آمد بر چشم رسول‌‌
  • What, then, would Mecca and Syria and ‘Iráq be (worth to him), that he should show fight and longing (to gain possession of them)?
  • پس چه باشد مکه و شام و عراق ** که نماید او نبرد و اشتیاق‌‌