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  • In (the world of) existence myriads of seas and fishes prostrate themselves in adoration before that Munificence and Bounty. 505
  • صد هزاران بحر و ماهی در وجود ** سجده آرد پیش آن اکرام و جود
  • How many a rain of largesse hath rained, so that the sea was made thereby to scatter pearls!
  • چند باران عطا باران شده ** تا بدان آن بحر در افشان شده‌‌
  • How many a sun of generosity hath shone, so that cloud and sea learned to be bountiful!
  • چند خورشید کرم افروخته ** تا که ابر و بحر جود آموخته‌‌
  • The sunbeams of Wisdom struck on soil and clay, so that the earth became receptive of the seed.
  • پرتو دانش زده بر آب و طین ** تا شده دانه پذیرنده‌‌ی زمین‌‌
  • The soil is faithful to its trust, and whatever you have sown in it, you carry away the (equivalent in) kind thereof without fraud (on the part of the soil).
  • خاک امین و هر چه در وی کاشتی ** بی‌‌خیانت جنس آن برداشتی‌‌
  • It has derived this faithfulness from that (Divine) faithfulness, inasmuch as the sun of Justice has shone upon it. 510
  • این امانت ز آن امانت یافته ست ** کافتاب عدل بر وی تافته ست‌‌
  • Until springtide brings the token of God, the soil does not reveal its secrets.
  • تا نشان حق نیارد نو بهار ** خاک سرها را نکرده آشکار
  • The Bounteous One who gave to an inanimate thing these informations and this faithfulness and this righteousness,
  • آن جوادی که جمادی را بداد ** این خبرها وین امانت وین سداد
  • His grace makes an inanimate thing informed, (while) His wrath makes blind the men of understanding.
  • مر جمادی را کند فضلش خبیر ** عاقلان را کرده قهر او ضریر
  • Soul and heart cannot endure that ferment: to whom shall I speak? There is not in the world a single ear (capable of apprehension).
  • جان و دل را طاقت آن جوش نیست ** با که گویم در جهان یک گوش نیست‌‌