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  • During a month those multitudes over his grave made a way for blood from their eyes (shed tears of anguish).
  • آن خلایق بر سر گورش مهی ** کرده خون را از دو چشم خود رهی‌‌
  • How the people of Jesus—on him be peace!—asked the amírs, “Which one of you is the successor?”
  • طلب کردن امت عیسی علیه السلام از امرا که ولی عهد از شما کدام است
  • After a month the people said, “O chiefs, which of (the) amírs is designated in his place,
  • بعد ماهی خلق گفتند ای مهان ** از امیران کیست بر جایش نشان‌‌
  • That we may acknowledge him as our religious leader instead of him (the vizier), and give our hands and skirts into his hand?
  • تا به جای او شناسیمش امام ** دست و دامن را بدست او دهیم‌‌
  • Since the sun is gone and has branded us (left the brand of sorrow in our hearts), is not a lamp the (only) resource in his stead? 670
  • چون که شد خورشید و ما را کرد داغ ** چاره نبود بر مقامش از چراغ‌‌
  • Since union with the beloved has vanished from before our eyes, we must needs have a vicar as a memorial of him (i.e. one who will recall him to our memory).
  • چون که شد از پیش دیده وصل یار ** نایبی باید از او مان یادگار
  • Since the rose is past and the garden ravaged, from whom shall we get the perfume of the rose? From rosewater.”
  • چون که گل بگذشت و گلشن شد خراب ** بوی گل را از که یابیم از گلاب‌‌
  • Inasmuch as God comes not into sight, these prophets are the vicars of God.
  • چون خدا اندر نیاید در عیان ** نایب حق‌‌اند این پیغمبران‌‌
  • Nay, I have said (this) wrongly; for if you suppose that the vicar and He who is represented by the vicar are two, it (such a thought) is bad, not good.
  • نه غلط گفتم که نایب با منوب ** گر دو پنداری قبیح آید نه خوب‌‌
  • Nay; they are two so long as you are a worshipper of form, (but) they have become one to him who has escaped from (consciousness of) form. 675
  • نه دو باشد تا تویی صورت پرست ** پیش او یک گشت کز صورت برست‌‌
  • When you look at the form, your eye is two; look at its (the eye's) light, which grew from the eye.
  • چون به صورت بنگری چشم تو دست ** تو به نورش درنگر کز چشم رست‌‌