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  • Until the Resurrection, the face of every congener of those wicked men who comes into existence is turned towards that one (who belongs to his own kind). 745
  • تا قیامت هر که جنس آن بدان ** در وجود آید بود رویش بدان‌‌
  • Vein by vein is this sweet water and bitter water, flowing in (God's) creatures until the blast of the trumpet (at the Resurrection).
  • رگ رگ است این آب شیرین و آب شور ** در خلایق می‌‌رود تا نفخ صور
  • To the righteous is the inheritance of the sweet water. What is that inheritance? We have caused (those of Our servants whom We have chosen) to inherit the Book.
  • نیکوان را هست میراث از خوش‌‌آب ** آن چه میراث است أورثنا الکتاب‌‌
  • If you will consider, the supplications of the seekers (of God) are rays (proceeding) from the substance of prophethood.
  • شد نیاز طالبان ار بنگری ** شعله‌‌ها از گوهر پیغمبری‌‌
  • The rays are circling with the substances (whence they spring): the ray goes (ultimately) in the direction where that (substance) is.
  • شعله‌‌ها با گوهران گردان بود ** شعله آن جانب رود هم کان بود
  • The window-gleam runs round the house, because the sun goes from sign to sign of the zodiac. 750
  • نور روزن گرد خانه می‌‌دود ** ز آنکه خور برجی به برجی می‌‌رود
  • Any one who has affinity with a star (planet) has a concurrence (of qualities) with his star.
  • هر که را با اختری پیوستگی است ** مر و را با اختر خود هم تگی است‌‌
  • If his ascendant star be Venus, his whole inclination and love and desire is for joy;
  • طالعش گر زهره باشد در طرب ** میل کلی دارد و عشق و طلب‌‌
  • And if he be one born under Mars, one whose nature is to shed blood, he seeks war and malignity and enmity.
  • ور بود مریخی خون‌‌ریز خو ** جنگ و بهتان و خصومت جوید او
  • Beyond the (material) stars are stars in which is no conflagration or sinister aspect,
  • اخترانند از ورای اختران ** که احتراق و نحس نبود اندر آن‌‌