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  • The earth, when the (Divine) command came, drew Qárún (Korah) with his gold and throne into its lowest depth.
  • خاک قارون را چو فرمان در رسید ** با زر و تختش به قعر خود کشید
  • The water and clay, when it fed on the breath of Jesus, spread wings and pinions, became a bird, and flew. 865
  • آب و گل چون از دم عیسی چرید ** بال و پر بگشاد مرغی شد پرید
  • Your glorification (of God) is an exhalation from the water and clay (of your body): it became a bird of Paradise through the breathing (into it) of your heart's sincerity.
  • هست تسبیحت بخار آب و گل ** مرغ جنت شد ز نفخ صدق دل‌‌
  • Mount Mount Sinai, from (seeing) the radiance of Moses, began to dance, became a perfect Súfí, and was freed from blemish.
  • کوه طور از نور موسی شد به رقص ** صوفی کامل شد و رست او ز نقص‌‌
  • What wonder if the mountain became a venerable Súfí? The body of Moses also was (formed) from a piece of clay.
  • چه عجب گر کوه صوفی شد عزیز ** جسم موسی از کلوخی بود نیز
  • How the Jewish king scoffed and denied and would not accept the counsel of his intimates.
  • طنز و انکار کردن پادشاه جهود و قبول نکردن نصیحت خاصان خویش‌‌
  • The king of the Jews beheld these marvellous things, (but) he had naught (to say) except mockery and denial.
  • این عجایب دید آن شاه جهود ** جز که طنز و جز که انکارش نبود
  • His counsellors said, “Do not let (this injustice) go beyond bounds, do not drive the steed of obstinacy so far.” 870
  • ناصحان گفتند از حد مگذران ** مرکب استیزه را چندین مران‌‌
  • He handcuffed the counsellors and confined them, he committed one injustice after another.
  • ناصحان را دست بست و بند کرد ** ظلم را پیوند در پیوند کرد
  • When the matter reached this pass, a shout came—“Hold thy foot (stop), O cur! For Our vengeance is come.”
  • بانگ آمد کار چون اینجا رسید ** پای دار ای سگ که قهر ما رسید
  • After that, the fire blazed up forty ells high, became a ring, and consumed those Jews.
  • بعد از آن آتش چهل گز بر فروخت ** حلقه گشت و آن جهودان را بسوخت‌‌