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  • The damned wretch is an elixir which transmutes into poison and snakes; (his elixir is) contrary to the elixir of the God-fearing man. 155
  • کیمیای زهر و مار است آن شقی ** بر خلاف کیمیای متقی‏
  • How the Súfí enjoined the servant to take care of his beast and how the servant said, “Lá hawl.”
  • اندرز کردن صوفی خادم را در تیمار داشت بهیمه و لاحول گفتن خادم
  • A Súfí was wandering round the world till one night he became a guest at a monastery (for Súfís).
  • صوفیی می‏گشت در دور افق ** تا شبی در خانقاهی شد قنق‏
  • He had a beast (ass): he tied it in the stable, (while) he (himself) sat at the top of the dais with his friends.
  • یک بهیمه داشت در آخر ببست ** او به صدر صفه با یاران نشست‏
  • Then he engaged with his friends in (mystical) meditation: the presence of a friend (of God) is (like) a book (which is open) before (one).
  • پس مراقب گشت با یاران خویش ** دفتری باشد حضور یار بیش‏
  • The Súfí's book is not (composed of) ink of letters (letters written with ink): it is naught but a heart white as snow.
  • دفتر صوفی سواد حرف نیست ** جز دل اسپید همچون برف نیست‏
  • The scholar's provision is (consists of) pen-marks (written letters and words). What is the Súfí's provision? Footmarks. 160
  • زاد دانشمند آثار قلم ** زاد صوفی چیست آثار قدم‏
  • He (the Súfí) stalks the game, like a hunter: he sees the musk-deer's track and follows the footprints.
  • همچو صیادی سوی اشکار شد ** گام آهو دید بر آثار شد
  • For some while the track of the deer is (the) proper (clue) for him, (but) afterwards ’tis the navel (musk-gland) of the deer that is his guide.
  • چند گاهش گام آهو در خور است ** بعد از آن خود ناف آهو رهبر است‏
  • When he has given thanks for (having been favoured with knowledge of) the track and has traversed the way, of necessity by means of that track he arrives at a goal.
  • چون که شکر گام کرد و ره برید ** لاجرم ز آن گام در کامی رسید
  • To go one stage (guided) by the scent of the musk-gland is better than a hundred stages of (following) the track and roaming about.
  • رفتن یک منزلی بر بوی ناف ** بهتر از صد منزل گام و طواف‏