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  • Where is one like Shu‘ayb, that by prayer he may make the mountain earth (fit) for sowing?
  • چون شعیبی کو که تا او را دعا ** بهر کشتن خاک سازد کوه را
  • Through the supplication and (firm) belief of that Friend (Abraham) the thing that was hard and impossible became possible.
  • از نیاز و اعتقاد آن خلیل ** گشت ممکن امر صعب و مستحیل‏
  • Or, (to give another example), through the Muqawqis' begging the Prophet a stony ground became a goodly cornfield.
  • یا به دریوزه‏ی مقوقس از رسول ** سنگ‏لاخی مزرعی شد با اصول‏
  • So, contrariwise, a man's disbelief turns gold into copper and peace into war.
  • همچنین بر عکس آن انکار مرد ** مس کند زر را و صلحی را نبرد
  • This falseness draws after it an evil transformation: it turns ground capable (of tillage) into stones and pebbles. 1650
  • کهربای مسخ آمد این دغا ** خاک قابل را کند سنگ و حصا
  • Nor is it granted to every heart to fall down in prayer: the wages of (Divine) mercy are not the (allotted) portion of every hireling.
  • هر دلی را سجده هم دستور نیست ** مزد رحمت قسم هر مزدور نیست‏
  • Beware! Do not commit crime and sin in reliance on (the thought), “I will repent and come to (take) refuge (with God).”
  • هین بپشت آن مکن جرم و گناه ** که کنم توبه در آیم در پناه‏
  • For (true) repentance, there must needs be a glow (of inward feeling) and a flood (of tears): (such) lightning and clouds are the condition indispensable to repentance.
  • می‏بباید تاب و آبی توبه را ** شرط شد برق و سحابی توبه را
  • There must needs be fire and water (rain) for the fruit: clouds and lightning are necessary for this accomplishment.
  • آتش و آبی بباید میوه را ** واجب آید ابر و برق این شیوه را
  • Until there is the lightning of the heart and the rain-clouds of the two eyes, how shall the fire of (Divine) menace and wrath be allayed? 1655
  • تا نباشد برق دل و ابر دو چشم ** کی نشیند آتش تهدید و خشم‏