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  • Your thought is the outward form, and his thought is the soul: your coin is false, and his coin is (pure as) the mine.
  • فکر تو نقش است و فکر اوست جان ** نقد تو قلب است و نقد اوست کان‏
  • You are (really) he: seek yourself in his “he” (personality). Say coo, coo: become a dove (flying) towards him.
  • او تویی خود را بجو در اوی او ** کو و کو گو فاخته شو سوی او
  • And if you are unwilling to serve the (holy) men of (human) kind, you are in the dragon's mouth, like the bear.
  • ور نخواهی خدمت ابنای جنس ** در دهان اژدهایی همچو خرس‏
  • It may be that a Master will deliver you and pull you out of danger.
  • بو که استادی رهاند مر ترا ** و ز خطر بیرون کشاند مر ترا
  • As you have no strength, keep making a lamentation; since you are blind, take care, do not turn your head away from him that sees the road. 1990
  • زاریی می‏کن چو زورت نیست هین ** چون که کوری سر مکش از راه بین‏
  • You are less (worse) than the bear, (for) you are not wailing at the pain. The bear was freed from pain when it made an outcry.
  • تو کم از خرسی نمی‏نالی ز درد ** خرس رست از درد چون فریاد کرد
  • O God, make this stony heart (soft as) wax; make our wailing sweet (to Thee) and an object of (Thy) mercy!
  • ای خدا این سنگ دل را موم کن ** ناله‏ی ما را خوش و مرحوم کن‏
  • How a sightless beggar said, “I have two blindnesses.”
  • گفتن نابینای سائل که دو کوری دارم‏
  • There was a blind man who used to say, “Pity! I have two blindnesses, O people of the time.
  • بود کوری کاو همی‏گفت الامان ** من دو کوری دارم ای اهل زمان‏
  • Therefore, hark ye, show unto me twice as much compassion, since I have two blindnesses, and I (live) between (them.)”
  • پس دو باره رحمتم آرید هان ** چون دو کوری دارم و من در میان‏
  • (Somebody) said, “We see one blindness of yours: what may the other blindness be? Explain.” 1995
  • گفت یک کوریت می‏بینیم ما ** آن دگر کوری چه باشد وانما