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  • One that is awake and dreams fair dreams, he is the knower (of God): smear your eyes with his dust.
  • آن که بیدار است و بیند خواب خوش ** عارف است او خاک او در دیده کش‏
  • He (Báyazíd) sat down before him and asked about his condition; he found him to be a dervish and also a family man.
  • پیش او بنشست و می‏پرسید حال ** یافتش درویش و هم صاحب عیال‏
  • He (the old man) said, “Whither art thou bound, O Báyazíd? To what place wouldst thou take the baggage of travel in a strange land?”
  • گفت عزم تو کجا ای بایزید ** رخت غربت را کجا خواهی کشید
  • Báyazíd answered, “I start for the Ka‘ba at daybreak.” “Eh,” cried the other, “what hast thou as provisions for the road?”
  • گفت قصد کعبه دارم از پگه ** گفت هین با خود چه داری زاد ره‏
  • “I have two hundred silver dirhems,” said he; “look, (they are) tied fast in the corner of my cloak.” 2240
  • گفت دارم از درم نقره دویست ** نک ببسته سخت در گوشه‏ی ردی است‏
  • He said, “Make a circuit round me seven times, and reckon this (to be) better than the circumambulation (of the Ka‘ba) in the pilgrimage;
  • گفت طوفی کن به گردم هفت بار ** وین نکوتر از طواف حج شمار
  • And lay those dirhems before me, O generous one. Know that thou hast made the greater pilgrimage and that thy desire has been achieved;
  • و آن درمها پیش من نه‏ای جواد ** دان که حج کردی و حاصل شد مراد
  • (That) thou hast (also) performed the lesser pilgrimage and gained the life everlasting; (that) thou hast become pure (sáf) and sped up (the Hill of) Purity (Safá).
  • عمره کردی عمر باقی یافتی ** صاف گشتی بر صفا بشتافتی‏
  • By the truth of the Truth (God) whom thy soul hath seen, (I swear) that He hath chosen me above His House.
  • حق آن حقی که جانت دیده است ** که مرا بر بیت خود بگزیده است‏
  • Albeit the Ka‘ba is the House of His religious service, my form too, in which I was created, is the House of His inmost consciousness. 2245
  • کعبه هر چندی که خانه‏ی بر اوست ** خلقت من نیز خانه‏ی سر اوست‏