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  • Oh, come, for of our cloth-piece (only) a single thread remains we were a city, and (only) a single wall remains.
  • هین که از تقطیع ما یک تار ماند ** مصر بودیم و یکی دیوار ماند
  • (Save) the remnant, (save) the remnant, O Sovereign, that the soul of the Devil may not rejoice entirely––
  • البقیه البقیه ای خدیو ** تا نگردد شاد کلی جان دیو
  • Not for our sakes, (but) for the sake of the primal grace through which Thou didst seek out them that had lost the way.
  • بهر ما نه بهر آن لطف نخست ** که تو کردی گمرهان را باز جست‏
  • As Thou hast shown Thy power, (so now) show Thy mercy, O Thou who hast implanted feelings of mercy in flesh and fat. 2505
  • چون نمودی قدرتت بنمای رحم ** ای نهاده رحمها در لحم و شحم‏
  • If this prayer increase Thy wrath, do Thou teach (us) to pray, O Lord,
  • این دعا گر خشم افزاید ترا ** تو دعا تعلیم فرما مهترا
  • Even as, (when) Adam fell from Paradise, Thou gavest him (leave) to turn (in penitence) toward Thee, so that he escaped from the ugly Devil.”
  • آن چنان کادم بیفتاد از بهشت ** رجعتش دادی که رست از دیو زشت‏
  • Who is the Devil that he should surpass Adam and win the game from him on such a board?
  • دیو که بود کاو ز آدم بگذرد ** بر چنین نطعی از او بازی برد
  • In truth, it all turned out to Adam’s advantage: that guile became a curse to the envious one.
  • در حقیقت نفع آدم شد همه ** لعنت حاسد شده آن دمدمه‏
  • He (the Devil) saw one game, (but) he did not see two hundred games (which he should lose): therefore he cut down the supports of his own house. 2510
  • بازیی دید و دو صد بازی ندید ** پس ستون خانه‏ی خود را برید
  • He set fire by night to the cornfield of others; (meanwhile) O wind, drive the fire into his field!
  • آتشی زد شب به کشت دیگران ** باد آتش را به کشت او بران‏