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  • During the short while since He drove me from His presence, mine eye hath remained (fixed) upon His beauteous face;
  • چند روزی که ز پیشم رانده است ** چشم من در روی خوبش مانده است‏
  • (And my thought has always been), ‘Such wrath from such a face! Oh, wonderful!’ (whereas) every one (else) has become occupied with (considering) the (secondary) cause (His wrath).
  • کز چنان رویی چنین قهر ای عجب ** هر کسی مشغول گشته در سبب‏
  • I do not look at the cause (His wrath), which is temporal, inasmuch as the temporal (only) produces something temporal (like itself). 2640
  • من سبب را ننگرم کان حادث است ** ز انکه حادث حادثی را باعث است‏
  • I am regarding (His eternally) precedent mercy: whatsoever is temporal I rend in twain.
  • لطف سابق را نظاره می‏کنم ** هر چه آن حادث دو پاره می‏کنم‏
  • Grant that my declining to worship (Adam) was from envy; (yet) that envy arises from love (of God), not from denial (of obedience to His command).
  • ترک سجده از حسد گیرم که بود ** آن حسد از عشق خیزد نز جحود
  • ’Tis certain, all envy arises from love, (for fear) lest another become the companion of the beloved.
  • هر حسد از دوستی خیزد یقین ** که شود با دوست غیری همنشین‏
  • Brooding jealousy is the necessary consequence of love, just as saying ‘Live long!’ must follow the sneeze.
  • هست شرط دوستی غیرت پزی ** همچو شرط عطسه گفتن دیر زی‏
  • Since there was no play but this on His board, and He said, ‘Play,’ what more can I do? 2645
  • چون که بر نطعش جز این بازی نبود ** گفت بازی کن چه دانم در فزود
  • I played the one play (move) that there was, and cast myself into woe.
  • آن یکی بازی که بد من باختم ** خویشتن را در بلا انداختم‏
  • Even in woe I am tasting His delights: I am mated by Him, mated by Him, mated by Him!
  • در بلا هم می‏چشم لذات او ** مات اویم مات اویم مات او