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  • In (confident) hope of the compassion of that well-disposed (friend), he left the thief and again set off (in another direction).
  • بر امید شفقت آن نیک خواه ** دزد را بگذاشت باز آمد به راه‏
  • “O good friend,” said he, “what is the matter? By whose hand (violence) is this lamentation and outcry of yours (caused)?”
  • گفت ای یار نکو احوال چیست ** این فغان و بانگ تو از دست کیست‏
  • “Look here,” said (the other). “See the thief's footprints! The pimping thief has gone this way. [ “Look here,” said (the other). “See the thief's footprints! The thief whose wife is for hire (who prostitutes his wife to other men) has gone this way.]
  • گفت اینک بین نشان پای دزد ** این طرف رفته ست دزد زن بمزد
  • Look at the cuckold thief's footprints! Follow him by means of these marks and traces.”
  • نک نشان پای دزد قلتبان ** در پی او رو بدین نقش و نشان‏
  • He answered, “O fool, what are you telling me? Why, I had (as good as) caught him, 2805
  • گفت ای ابله چه می‏گویی مرا ** من گرفته بودم آخر مر و را
  • (But) at your cry I let the thief go. I deemed you, ass (as you are), a (reasonable) man.
  • دزد را از بانگ تو بگذاشتم ** من تو خر را آدمی پنداشتم‏
  • What silly gabble and nonsense is this, O fellow? I (had) found the reality: what (use to me) is the clue?”
  • این چه ژاژست و چه هرزه ای فلان ** من حقیقت یافتم چه بود نشان‏
  • He replied, “I am giving you a clue to the real (thing). This is the clue; I am acquainted with the reality.”
  • گفت من از حق نشانت می‏دهم ** این نشان است از حقیقت آگهم‏
  • He (the householder) said, “You are an artful knave or else you are a fool; nay, you are a thief and cognisant of this affair.
  • گفت طراری تو یا خود ابلهی ** بلکه تو دزدی و زین حال آگهی‏
  • I was (on the point of) dragging my adversary along, (when) you let him escape, saying (to me), ‘Here are (his) traces.’” 2810
  • خصم خود را می‏کشیدم من کشان ** تو رهانیدی و را کاینک نشان‏