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  • Through folly you yourself have cut off your lot. The worthy man augments his lot.
  • قسمت خود خود بریدی تو ز جهل ** قسمت خود را فزاید مرد اهل‏
  • The story of the Hypocrites and their building the Mosque of Opposition.
  • قصه‏ی منافقان و مسجد ضرار ساختن ایشان‏
  • It is fit if you will hearken to another parable concerning perversity (taken) from the narrative in the Qur’án. 2825
  • یک مثال دیگر اندر کژروی ** شاید ار از نقل قرآن بشنوی‏
  • The Hypocrites played against the Prophet (just) such a crooked game at odd and even (as was played by Iblís against Mu‘áwiya),
  • این چنین کژ بازیی در جفت و طاق ** با نبی می‏باختند اهل نفاق‏
  • Saying, “Let us build a mosque for the glory of the Mohammedan religion”; and that was (really) apostasy (on their part).
  • کز برای عز دین احمدی ** مسجدی سازیم و بود آن مرتدی‏
  • Such a crooked game were they playing: they built a mosque other than his mosque.
  • این چنین کژ بازیی می‏باختند ** مسجدی جز مسجد او ساختند
  • They constructed (well) its floor and roof and dome, but they desired to disunite the (Moslem) community.
  • فرش و سقف و قبه‏اش آراسته ** لیک تفریق جماعت خواسته‏
  • They came to the Prophet with (guileful) entreaty: they knelt as camels before him, 2830
  • نزد پیغمبر به لابه آمدند ** همچو اشتر پیش او زانو زدند
  • Saying, “O Messenger of God, wilt thou for kindness' sake give thyself the trouble (to walk) to that mosque,
  • کای رسول حق برای محسنی ** سوی آن مسجد قدم رنجه کنی‏
  • To the end that it may be made blessed by thy approach— may thy days flourish until the Resurrection!
  • تا مبارک گردد از اقدام تو ** تا قیامت تازه باد ایام تو
  • It is a mosque for muddy and cloudy days, a mosque for days of sore distress in times of poverty,
  • مسجد روز گل است و روز ابر ** مسجد روز ضرورت وقت فقر